Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ten Bits of Happiness

Asking me ten things that make me happy is like asking me what qualities I look for in a man. Where the heck do I begin? And because I'm a perfectionist, I want to think of the top ten most important things without leaving anything out. So, this post kind of stresses me out. A post on happiness and I'm stressed out. Typical.

In all honesty though, I am the happiest I have ever been. 
Yep, ever.
I still think that's pretty crazy but it's the truth. I've found myself. I've found my passions. And I'm pursuing them.
Let's talk about my happies, shall we?

1. The Ocean

Always and forever.
My happiness, my escape, the place where it all just makes sense.

2. Acting

Everything about it.
The auditioning. The memorizing. The blocking. The late night and weekend rehearsals. The final production.
This is quite possibly the only thing in my life that literally has always felt inherent. 

3. Music
I'm always listening to music.
Usually the same several songs on repeat at a time.

Here are some current favorites:
+Capital Cities "Safe and Sound" This song makes me HAPPY!
+The Cinema "Picasso"
+Foster the People "Houdini" One of my favorite songs ever.

Other favorites I'm always listening to are Matchbox Twenty & Kavinsky.

4. Pretty Little Liars

It's no secret. [Get it? Got a secret. Can you keep it?]
I've written blog posts about my love for PLL.
Clearly I would play Hanna Marin.
Less than 4 weeks until it comes back! But... who's counting?

5. Volunteering with homeless animals

Fostering animals was one of the biggest blessings of my life.
These 3 little terrors above ripped my arms & legs to shreds but then there were moments like that one.

It was so precious. Helping animals who are helpless... and homeless.
The three kittens, two dogs [and my rescue cat, Stella] will always hold special places in my heart :)

6. Traveling

While I do not enjoy flying, I do enjoy the process of traveling.
And I obviously enjoy driving across the country multiple times too.
But traveling is so eye-opening. Whether you're far off in a distant land with new cultures and languages, or just in another part of your own country... traveling fascinates me.

7. My home

San Diego.
America's Finest City.
It is everything I knew it would be and more.
And it just keeps getting better...

8. Adam Levine when he gets really intense while listening to a performance on The Voice.
9. Ryan Gosling when... well, always. Just Ryan Gosling. Since I was seven.
10. Chocolate. Sushi. Root Beer with In-N-Out. Blueberries with honey & vanilla Greek yogurt. And Sculpin. That's happiness right there.

I was getting too obvious with numbers 1-7 so I figured I'd throw some crazy happy stuff in there as well. There are a lot of things that bring me happiness nowadays. I have a really good feeling that I'll continue to discover new things and places and people that make my smile grow even bigger :)


Jenn said...

Love these, especially the cute pic with the kitties (hopefully they didn't scratch you TOO much!!)
Ryan Gosling made my list too ;)

Nicole said...

if only i could foster all the animals at the shelters :( love those little fur babies.

Chelsea said...

I had no idea you can foster animals!! I want to do that, although I'd probably end up keeping them :)

A Country Girls World said...

Adam Levine <3 ... and that picture of the kittens is too cute! It is great that you foster animals :)

Katie Did What said...

Aw this post made me smile :) I absolutely agree with you on all of them, except, Sculpin? I'm confused. haha I googled it and it's a fish. Expand on this, maybe? haha


Kristen said...

I foster little guys, too. My current foster, Chloe, is a little pug with one eye and very few teeth. She snorts and drools and snores, but I love her little face so much. I hope she finds her forever home, soon. But, of course I'll miss her terribly. I always do.

Kristine said...

First of all, I didn't know you were into acting!? That's awesome, friend! When you get your big break try to remember to introduce me to some celebs, k? ;) second, I am IN LOVE with PLL. It's no secret and side note: my BF kinda got into it. (He'd never admit it though).

Misty said...

I love to hate PLL. Can't stop watching though.