Friday, September 30, 2011

A NY Deli Kind of Menu

I’m sure that ever since you read yesterday about me having a slice of one of the most delicious cheesecakes ever made, your mouth has been watering. Lucky for you, I’m sharing some of my favorite eats recently – cheesecake included.

There’s a little traditional N.Y. deli nearby. Chutzpah Deli is the name. The service is fabulous and the food is phenomenal.

Let’s start with the cole slaw because the cole slaw alone could make this place famous. Growing up, I feel like cole slaw was always the random “yucky” side you got with your chicken tenders or grilled cheese sandwich when you had to pay extra for fries. Well, now cole slaw is the cool adult side dish that you ask for extra of. Especially at this place. Yummo!

Behind the cole slaw in this picture is your traditional Reuben sandwich. How could you go wrong with that? Okay, unless you’re like me and don’t eat corned beef. In that case, turkey Reubens are just as tasty.


Here enters the Moishe Sandwich {described as Reuben’s brother} The only differences in this sandwich are turkey instead of corned beef and cole slaw on the sandwich instead of sauerkraut. Side of potato salad.


If you’re Polish {like me} the below may look similar to Gołąbki {pronounced go-wumpki} It’s stuffed cabbage so it’s pretty close but, it’s just not as delish.


Lastly, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…


Devil’s Food Double Chocolate Cheesecake. After a ton of food, this slice obviously had to be put in a to-go box and was thoroughly enjoyed in two parts. Let’s not even talk about calories right now. It was SO tasty and is just what a girl who has been going through a tough time needs! :) However, the fact that I tend to have an allergic reaction whenever I eat cheese or rich chocolate didn’t help. Ah well. You’ve got to make sacrifices sometimes, right?

Oh, and I also had cooked up some yummy shrimp scampi a while ago! I eat mine without noodles.


Other than these fun foods, my diet consists of mainly Greek yogurt, tomato sandwiches, and bananas. Just, not together. If I haven’t made you hungry by now, I have failed :)


This weekend, I’m planning on taking a fun trip to the National ZOO with my baby niece! It’s been a couple years since I have gone and I couldn’t be more excited – especially since this is her first trip! Give me some picture requests so I don’t hang out at the cheetah exhibit the whole time!

Also, I’ve come across some older pictures – you know, back when I used to travel the world and stuff. I’m thinking about doing a few “back in the day” posts. Let me know if you’d like to see something like that! :)

Have a lovely weekend!! What are your plans?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Sunset After a Storm

Because I’ve been so bad at sharing the latest happenings in little Chelsea’s life here on my blog, you know I went and saw Drive last weekend but don’t know that I made a little road trip to visit my best friend or perhaps that I had a slice of one of the most delicious cheesecakes ever made. For that, I apologize. I love writing about random things and participating in Pinteresting Wednesday {duh} but then I start slacking when it comes to posting pictures of my real life doings. Please forgive.

Actually, I might need someone to start hassling me to get these pictures posted sooner because it kind of loses its effect when I’m like, “Oh yeah, so a month ago I did theeeeus.” Listen, I like to do funny voices so sometimes I pronounce “this” like “theeeeus.” Try it. You might like it.

You’ll have to wait for the road trip and cheesecake pictures. But, today I’m showing you some pictures and thoughts on Mother Nature. That’s right, friends :)

About a month ago, I experienced the wrath of Mother Nature in the form of Tropical Storm Lee {one week after Hurricane Irene.} On one of the first days of the storm, I experienced some flash flooding while driving and that was enough for me to stay off the roads as much as possible. I was certainly one of the lucky ones. Check out these photos nearby of what other people had to experience:





That last picture was taken of a commuter parking lot in Northern VA. I can’t imagine the feeling of getting dropped off after work and realizing your car is submerged in water. Luckily, the worst my neighborhood saw was a small creek running through my front yard and a LOT of heavy rain… for days and days.



I know. Not quite as impressive as the first two, but, that’s a good thing, yes?

One night while eating dinner, we pulled up a local police scanner online {because we’re cool like that} and listened to the water rescues taking place that night. 12 people were rescued from cars on ONE street. Needless to say, the people that were out that night helping others are real heroes.

However, after the rain comes a rainbow. Isn’t that what they say? – or something? I prefer to say…

Life is a Sunset



I’m sure you would have never guessed it, but I actually kind of have this thing for sunsets. I even use them in metaphors sometimes. When I saw this glorious sunset in the car one evening, I just about lost it. I was mad at the cars that were in my way and the same goes for the light poles – I needed a good picture! But, seriously… this sunset was such a gift to look at. The colors, the textures. It was as if the sky was a glowing ember.

I saw that sunset about a week or so after TS Lee had hit. I truly believe in my heart that, like the planet that we live on, we experience storms in our own lives. The pouring rain, the booming thunder, the floods, the earthquakes. After all, when it rains, it pours.

But, regardless of how often it storms, or how powerful the winds may be, each day ends with a sunset. Some days it might not be as visible, but on other days, the sun’s brilliant reflection on those clouds can’t be ignored.

I’m learning, day by day, that there are going to be storms – horrible storms. Roads may be washed away, causing me to find another route, and the lightning will most definitely frighten me. However, those storms will pass. And no matter how hard it may be at the time to see, that beautiful sunset will show itself to me and for those moments, I will look around and know that the storms were what made the peaceful sunset so worthwhile.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting | Fashion, Furniture, Funnies


I had everything written for this post, all pictures posted, saved the draft, and then BOOM – all my pictures deleted themselves and even my SAVED draft didn’t show the pictures. Therefore, I’m re-writing this post which does not make me a happy camper…!

It’s always hard coming up with a title on the Wednesdays when I don’t have a pinning theme {ahem, this week!} However, most of my pins center around clothes/jewelry, interior decorating, and things that made me laugh :) I’m linking up with The Vintage Apple, as always!

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


This bracelet is everything I could have dreamt of and more. I’d wear it all day, everyday.

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


I probably never would have paired the skirt with the top but I’m kinda digging it!


Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


Obviously, I’d never wear the T-shirt but the grammar message is on point. Get it together, people :)


I love the pattern and the grey/white


Source: None via Chelsea on Pinterest

Recognize this pretty lady from here? :) Yep, she’s pretty much my daily inspiration.

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


Sad but true!


This gorgeous chair is perfect for an engagement/wedding portrait session!


Let’s see – I love the big ole zippers, the strap at the top of the boots, and the big comfy socks over the leggings!


What a gorgeous, vintage wedding backdrop.

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


I think this bracelet would pair perfectly with the first bracelet!


Essie – Island Hopping. I think this is a great “transition into Fall” color!



I absolutely adore this retro look and would so rock it if I could pull it off! Thoughts?


Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


Different bridesmaids dresses. I’m loving the long dresses!


Hahaha. My kind of humor!


I love gold and I love wedding cakes!


I’m SURE my gold obsession is not obvious at all… :)


True Story. I blame all the years of acting.

Source: None via Chelsea on Pinterest


The dining room is so “me” – modern/vintage chic!

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Pinterest has been holding back on me lately. It’s becoming harder and harder to find pins that really stick out, or maybe it’s just me being picky!

Either way, come follow my boards, friends :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I can’t stop talking about the movie Drive. I was pleasantly surprised this weekend after seeing it. I say that because, walking into the theatre, all I really knew about the movie was that it was about Ryan Gosling driving cars – and that was enough for me. Obviously.


From the beginning of the movie, I was hooked. The 80’s electronica-influenced songs set the mood for this retro-ish film about an unnamed man who, when asked what he does for a living, answers with, “I drive.” He works in an auto shop during the day, works part-time as a Hollywood stunt driver, and, oh yeah – drives getaway cars in heists. No big deal.

When a heist goes wrong, the story dramatically shifts.

Throughout the entire film, I found myself mesmerized and captivated. There were the moments to laugh at, the moments to hold your breath, and definitely the moments to shriek/jump. It’s a thriller that breaks the stereotype of its genre with a cast of characters that are brilliant at what they do.

As I mentioned, it is NOT your typical Fast and the Furious/Gone in 60 Seconds movie. So, if you’re looking for a mainstream action movie, this is not it. A decent portion of the film involves no dialogue, focusing on the actors’ expressions and actions to build the plot and the mood. I was fascinated by the fact that after the first few lines Ryan had in the movie, he didn’t speak for another twenty minutes or so and it honestly made the movie brilliant. He played the role of The Driver flawlessly. While doing so, he also made two things look ridiculously cool:

Leather driving gloves


and this jacket


Oh, and driving backwards in a car chase is pretty cool too.

Director Nicolas Winding Refn wasn’t afraid to take chances in this film with several intense and rather graphic violent scenes. While I have a feeling that’s where many “mainstream” viewers will say the movie went wrong, I thought the moments of violence were stylistically placed perfectly between the so-quiet-you-could-hear-a-pin-drop moments of the film.

In the packed audience I sat with, there were the times when not a person would move {or maybe even breathe for those scenes}

The film toyed with my emotions and pulled me in deeper than any movie has in quite a while.

Between the soundtrack, the cinematography, the onscreen {and off-screen} talent, and the plot – I’m putting this on my list of favorite movies. According to the conversations I heard while scrambling out of the theatre, I won’t be the only one. The film left a lasting-impression on me. I continued to look over my shoulder for a half-hour {then again, that could be because I was close to the area where scenes from The Exorcist were filmed!} I look forward to watching Drive again!

P.S. I thought it was pretty cool when I found out that Ryan restored the 1973 Chevy that he drives in the movie. What a dreamboat…

For those of you curious to hear the soundtrack, I’ve included a preview for you below with some still footage. I’d suggest listening to the first four songs to get an idea!

Have you seen Drive yet? What are your thoughts? Or perhaps you’re just a Notebook/Crazy Stupid Love type of Ryan fan ;)

What is your favorite “thriller” movie??


Okay, my rant is over, ha. On a side note, I really liked Hart of Dixie last night!! I’ll definitely be adding it to my DVR list :)


All images via Filmdistrict

Monday, September 26, 2011

Some Pictures and Fall TV

First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone last week for all your love and support. I’m so grateful to be a part of this lovely blogging community and to have such wonderful FRIENDS in so many of you! Whether I’m having a bad day or a good day, your comments and emails are always sure to make my day :)

Next up! It was so much fun to FINALLY share some of my many iPhone pictures with you guys last week! I actually found myself taking a ton this past week so I’m linking up with Savanah and Erin again!


It’s hard to believe Christmas decorations are already out but I love this!


Listen, I’m not sure WHY there’s at least one Angry Birds reference on my blog a week, but check this out! Yellow bird, of course, because they’re the best.


My best friend’s little boy turned one this weekend so I was out and about on a toy shopping escapade. I loved seeing these German toys!


The classic Water Baby was one of my most beloved toys growing up. Hahaha. I loved my little doll!


One day last week, while going out to lunch, I spotted this bad boy in the parking lot. It will one day be mine!


I caved and let my cat Missy up on the table only to find out this is what she had in mind. Pardon the horrible picture quality.


Needless to say, that was Stella’s reaction when she saw the special treatment that was going on. “Hey, Mom! Let me up there too!”


It’s okay. Stella had her own fun later on while “tightrope” walking across the bottom of the chair!! She’s got skill.


These little puppies were pretty unique. Cute little wedges with a black tie across the front. Too bad my feet are way narrow and the smallest size was too big :(


While in Restoration Hardware one night {is that store cool or what?!} I saw this grey, tufted headboard! If you know me, you know it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, the lighting in that store isn’t ideal for iPhone pics but you get the idea!

Lastly, I’m also linking up today with Neely and Amber for the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge since there are a few Fall shows I figured I’d mention!


First off is a show that starts tonight!



Hart of Dixie! Fingers crossed that it ends up being decent because I’ve missed Rachel Bilson! Who else will be tuning in tonight to watch this?

Then, of course, is one of my shows that just started up again two weeks ago…



90210! Sometimes I really feel like I’m the only person who watches this because I never hear anyone else mention it. But, listen… I’m not really one for series television {I like my reality TV} and I’ve been following this show since its first season. As a lover of the original Beverly Hills: 90210, I got a bit hooked early on.

The new Real World {SAN DIEGO!!!} starts this week as well. While the cast doesn’t look all too thrilling, I’ll be watching only because San Diego holds a very special place in my heart :)

Oh, and while they’re not technically “Fall” shows, I’m loving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, although the Orange County girls will always be my favorites, and DANCE MOMS! Ohhhh my gosh, Dance Moms is amazing!

What are your Fall shows? Since there are so many, I can’t catch them all :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

This is My Journey

One month ago today was the day I left Utah. I drove away from the little life I made there for myself {and started to share with someone else} over the past year and a half. Although so many things happened in that short amount of time, at times I have felt like so little was accomplished.

I drive around my hometown now with license plates from another state and sometimes I feel odd. Kind of like those buildings that start being built and are never finished and they stand there alone, half-built. People stare at them wondering what happened.

With the exception of one blog post, I’ve kept most things private. I don’t sit around and talk to my {in real life} friends about it, I don’t go posting statuses on Facebook about it, and I no longer listen to Carrie Underwood’s “Sometimes You Leave” on repeat. {Don’t get any false impressions – I still don’t like country music.}

Just over one month ago when I was in that apartment alone with my cat, a couple million cardboard boxes, and some memories, my heart and mind were consumed with the feelings and thoughts of what was happening.

So, yes, moving back to Virginia has been refreshing and has allowed me to focus my thoughts and energy on other things. However, I know that moving doesn’t just erase everything and I remind myself everyday to use this time to learn and grow. I look back at where I was a month ago and two months ago, and already I can see a huge change in me and my strength as a woman. I realize that instead of a building that never gets completed, my story is more like that of one of my favorite structures…

The National Monument began being built in 1848. However, due to much turmoil around the time of the Civil War, construction was halted. It wasn’t until 1876 that construction resumed, this time with altered plans from the original design. Despite the turmoil, change in design, and even the two different colors of stone that had to be used, the monument was completed and stands tall today.

The truth is, my life hasn’t gone exactly as I planned. I started to build a life with the hopes of it blossoming. While sometimes I’ve looked back at the past year and a half feeling like all I really have are remnants of something that never grew into what I had planned, in reality, that period of time became part of the foundation that I built. Now, after the turmoil and the drastic change in design, I have continued to build upon that foundation. The plan may be different and the colors may have changed, but I’m on my way now.

While writing usually comes easily to me, this is the most difficult subject for me to find the words for. It’s a very true and personal time in my life so it’s important to me to find the balance of keeping what’s private, private while also remaining honest about my life.

After all, this is my journey. 



Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Brainstorming Season

Every couple of years, I become “too cool” to dress up for Halloween. Last year was one of those years. I’m sure age 14 was as well. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dressing up for special occasions. However, I have to be in the right place at the right time to dress up for Halloween. So, no… last year I didn’t go all out when we had the chance to wear a costume to work.

This year, on the other hand, I don’t even have set Halloween plans but I already have a potential costume picked out. Basically I was browsing the racks and BAM – there it was. My mind started visualizing that with the perfect accessories, I’d be one adorable ______! You’ll have to wait to find out what I might potentially be!

I say “potentially” because, well, a girl’s got to have options! Something else might turn up. As I was Googling similar costumes for accessory inspiration, I started to come across some amazing costumes. I knew I just had to share these. Have you ever seen a costume and been like, “If I could get away with ANYTHING, I would SO wear that!” Because, let’s be honest – you can’t just wear ANY costume. There are rules. Anyway, I also found some other costumes I just had to share. Here we go!

If I could be anything and totally get away with it…




Beautiful Buccaneer. Seriously, I’d feel like I had stepped right off a movie set.



The classic horror film girl in me would have to do it. Don’t know how I feel about the Jason mask “purse” though.



A legit astronaut. Too bad they don’t have the helmet.

Egyptian {via}

Listen, if you knew how much I thoroughly enjoy “walking like an Egyptian” you’d understand and agree. How many times in your life can you say you dressed up like an Egyptian???



I love my Viking Princess. Horns and all.



I think this costume is gorgeous!

Okay, then there are the…

“Absolutely NOT-never would I wear these-but they’re still hilarious” costumes:



If you plan on wearing this costume, I’m sorry I’m not sorry. At least be Mystique. Come on ;)






Get out of town right now. This is horrible. Horrible is not even the right word.



The yellow Angry Bird is my favorite. This is actually hilarious.

And last…

If I were a boy…



Vintage Ken Doll. This is so perfect that I literally had to triple check that this was, in fact, a costume for a human and not an actual DOLL.



Yup. Pee Wee Herman. Because I love him.



World War II Private. Studly.



Top Gun. If I wanted to take the simple approach.

I could probably go on and on. Looking at costumes is too much fun!

It’s time to let me know what you think. Would you wear any from the first category if you could get away with wearing anything? Or am I crazy? What would you dress up as if you were a guy {or if you’re a guy reading this – what would you be if you were a lady?} Oh, and if you DO have the guts and plan on wearing any of these this year, let me know puh-lease! :)

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for some reason. {Okay, so maybe all holidays are my favorite} But, I just love the idea of becoming someone else for one night. Even if I take the year off and just hand out candy, it’s fun to see all the little youngsters dressed up! I’m excited for the Halloween-brainstorming season to now be here :)