Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting | Fashion, Furniture, Funnies


I had everything written for this post, all pictures posted, saved the draft, and then BOOM – all my pictures deleted themselves and even my SAVED draft didn’t show the pictures. Therefore, I’m re-writing this post which does not make me a happy camper…!

It’s always hard coming up with a title on the Wednesdays when I don’t have a pinning theme {ahem, this week!} However, most of my pins center around clothes/jewelry, interior decorating, and things that made me laugh :) I’m linking up with The Vintage Apple, as always!

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


This bracelet is everything I could have dreamt of and more. I’d wear it all day, everyday.

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


I probably never would have paired the skirt with the top but I’m kinda digging it!


Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


Obviously, I’d never wear the T-shirt but the grammar message is on point. Get it together, people :)


I love the pattern and the grey/white


Source: None via Chelsea on Pinterest

Recognize this pretty lady from here? :) Yep, she’s pretty much my daily inspiration.

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


Sad but true!


This gorgeous chair is perfect for an engagement/wedding portrait session!


Let’s see – I love the big ole zippers, the strap at the top of the boots, and the big comfy socks over the leggings!


What a gorgeous, vintage wedding backdrop.

Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


I think this bracelet would pair perfectly with the first bracelet!


Essie – Island Hopping. I think this is a great “transition into Fall” color!



I absolutely adore this retro look and would so rock it if I could pull it off! Thoughts?


Source: via Chelsea on Pinterest


Different bridesmaids dresses. I’m loving the long dresses!


Hahaha. My kind of humor!


I love gold and I love wedding cakes!


I’m SURE my gold obsession is not obvious at all… :)


True Story. I blame all the years of acting.

Source: None via Chelsea on Pinterest


The dining room is so “me” – modern/vintage chic!

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Pinterest has been holding back on me lately. It’s becoming harder and harder to find pins that really stick out, or maybe it’s just me being picky!

Either way, come follow my boards, friends :)


Bay Park Dream said...

I say you try the retro look. I think you can totally rock it :)

Katie said...

Ok...we are telepathic. however you spell it haha our pins today are so similar! I didn't even look at yours before I did mine either, promise :) haha

you are a GEM for sharing that one of me! I literally laughed when I saw it..and smiled :) thank you. I feel somewhat famous. Is that sad?


CALLIE said...

love love love all of these!!

Anonymous said...

your pins are awesome this week. so agree with that grammar shirt...

the cell phone thing- i get anxiety if i don't have mine with me. so sad.

i'm obsessed with that boot/socks pic. i really want to wear this look this fall. like everyday.

love the second bracelet.

you know i love the retro look. that girls hair + makeup is perfect.

have a great day girlie :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Oh bummer about blogger! He (I am assuming blogger is a man :)) can be such a pain in the butt! I had issue with it last night.

LOVE your pins!!

OFFICIALLY following you on Pinterest lol!

Miss K said...

what would we do w/o pinning? Love that retro look, so cute!

Ashley said...

great pins!!

P! said...

I love all these pins- especially the one about the phone, because that is so me. And the whole, stare out the window/sad song thing... so incredibly busted. Guilty, as charged. Haha- thanks for the laugh and the new pins I plan to steal. ;)

struck said...

I'm also a pinterest addict! Found your blog from the Soleil Selene blog hop :)

Christa @ Little BGCG said...

So many great pins! I love the teal couch, the phone pin and the "Their/there/they're" shirt!

New follower from the Soleil Selene Blog Hop!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

LMAO! Love the cellphone one..

Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

Great pics! New follower from soleil selene!

Lindsey said...

Where to begin? So many great pins my dear! I love the quote about the cell phone because that is sooooo me. Love love love the retro look and I know you could pull it off! Also, totally obsesing over that outfit. Going to check that blog out right now. First bracelet is to die, I'd wear that hoe every day too. Hope you are having a good week Chels! I'm trying to get caught up in blogland after 5 days away. EEEEK!

Ashley said...

Love your picks! I'm all about lots of golf jewelry too :)

Sara L. said...

These are great! If I comment on each this comment would end up a mile long :)

I gave you the Versatile blogger award! Congrats :) check it out...

Andee Eve@ bearing fruit said...

I'm excited to get to know you on your blog. Following you from Soleil Selene.

Shari said...

Love that gold bracelet and that outfit with the skirt/shirt. Although I also love Katie's outfit. :) Happy Wednesday!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Totally want both of those bracelets and the boots! So cute!

Alisha said...

Great pins!! Loving that Michael Kors watch too. You could so pull off that retro bouffant look! Try a bump it ;)

Ashley said...

I love all of your pins- especially the grammar T-shirt and the hilarious bib. I laughed out loud at that one!!! Also, I LOVE that retro look. So adorable. You could rock that! :)