Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Impressions of DWTS

I’ve never watched a full season of Dancing With the Stars. Ever. I’ve tuned in, especially when Shawn Johnson was on {and won} because, well, she’s my celebrity look alike and the girl’s got skill! However, last night as I sat in front of the TV, realizing the show I thought came on was really coming on tonight, I was left to watch the DWTS premiere. I tried switching over to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during the commercials, but, let’s be honest – that gets too distracting.

Alas, here are my thoughts thus far. Keep in mind, dance has consumed the majority of my life here on Earth. I lived it, breathed it, and even ate it.

First, some of my favorites:


Chynna Phillips

Talent-wise, I think Chynna has the most potential {according to her first performance at least} She was graceful and a true delight to watch on the stage. I can see her having the best technique in future ballroom styles.


JR Martinez

How can you not love him? He’s a joyous man inside and out and a true American hero. He received a score of 22 {as did Chynna}. Compared to his male competitors, JR was smooth and natural with his performance.


Carson Kressley

Out of the group, he received one of the lowest scores but oh my GOSH was he a blast in a glass to watch!! During their rehearsals he was using shopping sales as motivation to dance over to one area saying, “Sale over here! Sale over here!” He’s a character and although his technique is poor, I kind of hope he stays around for a while :)

Then, there are my not-so-favorites:


Elisabetta Canalis

Similar to Ron Artest’s number, it was painful to watch {for a completely different reason than Ron’s} She was limp, lacked any expression in the face for most of the routine, and looked awkward and lost the entire time. Disaster. She’d be my vote to not come back.


Kristin Cavallari

I don’t know whether it’s the Team LC or the dancer in me but I was NOT impressed. Sure, she can shake her hips and sure, she can flip her hair {really well actually} but it just wasn’t there. Again, my standards are high but I see her being another Audrina/Kim Kardashian. She won’t be #winning.

Honorable Mentions go out to:

Rob Kardashian – I think I cracked up during his entire performance {Viennese Waltz} because it was just SO different seeing him so calm & serene. Loved it actually.

Nancy Grace – Because again, it was so different seeing her out on the stage shaking it. She’s awesome.

But, let’s just be honest – there will never be another champion like Shawn Johnson. That girl’s just the bomb.com :)



Did you watch the DWTS premiere? Who’s your favorite?


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lauren nicole said...

I watched DWTS for one season -- When Ochocinco was on it. I'm a loser, I knowww.

However, I love Kristin Cavallari. Sorry. I know you're #teamLC, haha.

Ps: Can I have Shawn Johnson's body? Ugh. So perfect.

xoxo, Lauren [Let It Be.]

Emily said...

I didn't get to watch it, but I really wanted to see Rob and Kristin, thanks for updating me - hopefully I remember to watch next week!

xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

the girl in the red shoes said...

I only got to see Carson and JR perform, but I couldn't agree more with your opinions!

Lindsey said...

lol! Well since we were tweeting the play by play of the show, I think you know most of my feelings about this.

Literally when Rob was out there I had both hands covering my mouth like so scared for him and yet I was loving every minute of it. He was great! I also thought David Arquette did pretty well for a dude.

Like you I've never watched an entire season, ever. I don't know why I watched this time, I guess I was just pumped about the cast this time. Kristen C is hot, like seriously smokin, but I was not impressed with her dancing either!

Good recap! And I cannot believe how much you look like Shawn Johnson!!!!!!!

Superficial Sanctuary said...

hahahah I actually "lol" when I read "quite well actually" about Kristen's hair flipping. She won't last long, that's for sure. I don't have a favorite yet, but I'm excited to see if Rob K. can actually keep in the competition just by Kardashian fan votes alone! haha

Katie said...

I have never watched a full season of DWTS either. My parents are obsessed but it always was too long for me and drove me crazy. I do LOVE the cast this year and if it wasn't for me inhaling so many paint chips while spray painting last night, I would've rememember to watch it.

Homegirl literally felt weezy after spraypainting 2 pieces of furniture. Anyways, Rob is a doll so I would've loved to see him! I do wanna see Kristin perform just because I'm curious how she will do!

Jessica said...

On occasion I watch it, but I don't ever remember seeing Shawn Johnson on it. I love her and I watched her all throughout the Olympics.

Jax said...

I didnt remember to watch! And like you, I have yet to make it through a whole season in entirety... haha.. Sheez.

Ashley said...

I watched ...but turned it on right when Rob was finishing so didnt get to see him, but I agree with Kristen ... she wasnt that good. I thought that David Arquette did suprisingly OK. cant wait to watch tonight :) also, mentioned you on my blog today, check it out!

K_stets said...

Love the recap. I agree with pretty much everything.

I though Carson was absolutely hilarious. I really hope he sticks around and his technique gets better, because I actually like watching him.

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I've never missed a premier.. until last night! I'm moving and have no tv, ugh!! It's recorded at my guy's house. But I prob won't be able to watch until this weekend.

Hollie Ann said...

I'm team LC!!!! So i know how you feel!

Laura said...

I loooooove DWTS!! I'm watching my DVR version right now (hooray! no commercials!), and am thankful for your re-caps, because now I know that if they start off bad, it's probably not getting better and can fast forward! Woo hoo for dancing!!

Lauren said...

Love this post! I never finish a season either! Once my favorites are gone i'm done and just like to hear on the radio who wins! I watched when Audrina was on it bc she's my celeb look alike! You do look just like Shawn! :)

I want Rob to win this season!

Team LC... but I kinda feel bad for Kristen ha!

Miss K said...

i used to watch the show, but it's so long! i'll check in every now and then though.

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

I mostly just watch it for the dresses....is that bad?!