Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Brainstorming Season

Every couple of years, I become “too cool” to dress up for Halloween. Last year was one of those years. I’m sure age 14 was as well. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dressing up for special occasions. However, I have to be in the right place at the right time to dress up for Halloween. So, no… last year I didn’t go all out when we had the chance to wear a costume to work.

This year, on the other hand, I don’t even have set Halloween plans but I already have a potential costume picked out. Basically I was browsing the racks and BAM – there it was. My mind started visualizing that with the perfect accessories, I’d be one adorable ______! You’ll have to wait to find out what I might potentially be!

I say “potentially” because, well, a girl’s got to have options! Something else might turn up. As I was Googling similar costumes for accessory inspiration, I started to come across some amazing costumes. I knew I just had to share these. Have you ever seen a costume and been like, “If I could get away with ANYTHING, I would SO wear that!” Because, let’s be honest – you can’t just wear ANY costume. There are rules. Anyway, I also found some other costumes I just had to share. Here we go!

If I could be anything and totally get away with it…




Beautiful Buccaneer. Seriously, I’d feel like I had stepped right off a movie set.



The classic horror film girl in me would have to do it. Don’t know how I feel about the Jason mask “purse” though.



A legit astronaut. Too bad they don’t have the helmet.

Egyptian {via}

Listen, if you knew how much I thoroughly enjoy “walking like an Egyptian” you’d understand and agree. How many times in your life can you say you dressed up like an Egyptian???



I love my Viking Princess. Horns and all.



I think this costume is gorgeous!

Okay, then there are the…

“Absolutely NOT-never would I wear these-but they’re still hilarious” costumes:



If you plan on wearing this costume, I’m sorry I’m not sorry. At least be Mystique. Come on ;)






Get out of town right now. This is horrible. Horrible is not even the right word.



The yellow Angry Bird is my favorite. This is actually hilarious.

And last…

If I were a boy…



Vintage Ken Doll. This is so perfect that I literally had to triple check that this was, in fact, a costume for a human and not an actual DOLL.



Yup. Pee Wee Herman. Because I love him.



World War II Private. Studly.



Top Gun. If I wanted to take the simple approach.

I could probably go on and on. Looking at costumes is too much fun!

It’s time to let me know what you think. Would you wear any from the first category if you could get away with wearing anything? Or am I crazy? What would you dress up as if you were a guy {or if you’re a guy reading this – what would you be if you were a lady?} Oh, and if you DO have the guts and plan on wearing any of these this year, let me know puh-lease! :)

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for some reason. {Okay, so maybe all holidays are my favorite} But, I just love the idea of becoming someone else for one night. Even if I take the year off and just hand out candy, it’s fun to see all the little youngsters dressed up! I’m excited for the Halloween-brainstorming season to now be here :)


Jazmine said...

My husband and I are thinking of doing the whole "wizard of oz" theme. My 2 little boys would be "scarecrow and the tin man" my husband would be "the lion" and I of course would "Dorothy" and my little mini chihuahua could be the puppy. Lol. Otherwise if we decide not to dress up my boys will "mario & luigy" lol

Superficial Sanctuary said...

One of my friends and her boyfriend dressed as Avatar last year. She is a makeup artist so their faces blended perfectly with the outfit.....hysterical!

I wanted my boyfriend to be Ken when I saw that costume online earlier this month, but he wouldn't go for it. Damnit.

LOVE the first pirate one, so awesome!

Mrs. T said...

Hahah... I love the angry birds one!

Ashlyn said...

lol -- these are too fun! i haven't thought about it this year yet! but i hear you on how every four years to decide to dress up for halloween!

Kate said...

I was just thinking about Halloween and wondering if I would get sucked into dressing up this year. Then I saw your post and remembered I totally want to be one of the girls from Tron who wear the white outfits. I won't end up doing it, but if I had time to make the costume that's what I'd do!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Cant wait to see what you pick!!

Miss K said...

can't wait to see what you pick! my vote is for the astronaut

Anonymous said...

ah! the daria costume totally cracked me up! love the astronaut costume :)

Rachel said...

That purse... unreal!
Also- LOVE the Daria costume. Only, I'd opt to be her sister since I'm blonde. That could make for a really great group of costumes! :)

Hollie Ann said...

Angry birds!!!! Hilarious! I hear you on Halloween! I just did a similar post. Cant wait!!!!!

Raquel said...

Omg i LOVE that one costume with the mask! Sooo gorgeous! It's so elegant looking

Sara L. said...

Love the pirate costume!

Brother said...

I was watching Pee Wee's Great Adventure on cable last night or the night before.

Courtney B said...

Ok, I had a friend dress up as an Avatar and she looked so stunning! Not even kidding right now, I was shocked! But she totally rocked the costume!

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Haha, I hardly ever celebrate Halloween or dress up, but I definitely want an excuse to get involved in the Angry Bird outfit!!