About Me

Just a small town girl. Living in a lonely world. Just kidding.

I'm Chelsea.

I believe that life truly is a sunset. Sunsets give us hope for tomorrow; for living a new day. When I started this blog, my life was very different from how it is today. I was living in Salt Lake City, where I had moved to start a new life and eventually joined my life with someone else's. In Utah, I learned that sometimes you must completely lose yourself to find out who you really are. Life away from family, friends, and everything I knew certainly wasn't easy. However, looking back, I have wonderful memories that I'll always cherish. I had the chance to travel, foster homeless animals, and learn so much about this crazy thing called life.

In the end, I left my new home alone and journeyed back to the place where I grew up in Virginia.

Less than 6 months after ending what I thought was going to be my forever love, I suddenly lost my sweet Mom and watched as she slipped into the next life. In those six short months, I learned the way pain shapes who we are. I learned that the only way we can get through the difficult times is by grabbing our own life by the horns and never taking one second for granted.

My love for travel and trying new things told me I wouldn't be in one place for too long. I believe new places teach us about ourselves and I'm one who loves to learn. So, it's time to start a new journey in the place my heart calls home: San Diego.

Now, for the fun part:
I was born and raised on the East Coast but the West Coast will always have my heart.
I'm pretty serious when I say that everything I own is either turquoise, orange, or gold.
I spent the majority of my childhood days training in acting and competitive dance.
Writing is my passion.
Ryan Gosling has been my dream guy since I was 7 years old. No joke.
Oh, and I adopted a fur baby named Stella whom I just adore.

Homeless animals take up such a big place in my heart. I believe it is a calling of mine to spread the word and the love for these animals who often have no voice on the outcome of their lives. I'm excited to welcome more adopted animals into my life and think the next one shall be a dog :)

I'm a vegan, green juice junkie and raw chocoholic. In my spare time, I enjoy diving deep into books, workshops, and classes in the self-development field because I am an ongoing student of life!

That's just skimming the surface of me! Feel free to browse around and read a little bit about my life thus far!