Monday, September 12, 2011

10 Years Ago

I can’t remember what I wore that day or what I ate for breakfast. However, I’ll always remember exactly where I was when I heard the news that changed life as we know it. I’ll remember the looks on my classmates’ faces – many having parents that worked at the Pentagon. I’ll remember the panic, the confusion, and the way it felt to sit there in my Spanish class as life outside those walls, 10 miles down the road and in NY and PA was being taken from innocent people.



I was unable to post this yesterday but I had to write something about this moment in time ten years ago.

My heart aches every time I think about all the lives that were lost that day and all the family members that were affected by the attacks. I’ll never know what those people saw or felt. I can’t imagine the fear of seeing a vicious cloud of smoke and debris rushing toward me or the pain of having a loved one in one of those planes or buildings.

I’m grateful for this country that I live in. I’m grateful for the men and women who protect us, defend us, and for the hundreds of heroes that sacrificed their lives for others on that day.


The Redskins/Giants pregame tribute yesterday was a beautiful thing to watch. Family members of those lost on September 11th carried the American flag {the size of the football field} during the Star Spangled Banner. Team members, coaches, and service men and women joined them. 



It was not just a coincidence to have a New York team playing the DC team on this 10 year anniversary.



Even after ten years, I still get chills as I drive past the Pentagon. I’m sure that will never change. We’ve all been changed because of what happened. May we always remember that day and what this country stands for.


Raquel said...

I really wish i could of seen the redskins game yesterday! :( I was busy at work booooo

Lauren said...

There are a lot of things I won't remember about that day, but I too remember exactly where I was... and seeing the 2nd plane hit live on the air. The panic when we heard about the Pentagon and how the halls were full of people crying, trying to dial out to their parents on their cells. I remember it took several attempts to even get through to my Dad. And how when all of us had gotten through to our military parents, how to huddled around the one of us who hadn't, comforting her until she finally did.

I've honestly never been prouder to be an American than I am today, and remembering that day and all the days after makes me SO joyful. I feel like we see the bad in people so often, but after that happened it was apparent how much GOOD there is out there.

Jessica said...

I think every football game yesterday had a field-sized flag and did a tribute. I know the browns/bengals game did also, at least. It's really great that we could all take a few minutes out of our day yesterday to pray for everyone from 9/11.

P! said...

God bless America! I'm so glad you did this post.

Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing... I loved reading so many beautiful memorial posts yesterday and today. I also love that the NFL did such a great job paying tribute. There were so many beautiful ceremonies!

ps. I didn't know you were a Redskins fan! We've got a battle of the beltway on our hands... I'm a big Ravens fan! ;)

Laura said...

Well said Chelsea! I was also in Spanish class too when it happened! I think sometimes we do forget the people who were true heroes on that day, so it's always nice to be reminded why we truly bond together as Americans.

Anonymous said...

9/11 was such a horrible day and i can not believe it really was 10 years ago. i was in college in VA and we were evacuated to bomb shelters after the pentagon incident. and i knew so many people that worked there and new that their lives were changed was mine. i went into the military shortly after 9/11.

i am glad you wrote "freedom isn't free"...i wish more people understood that.