Monday, September 26, 2011

Some Pictures and Fall TV

First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone last week for all your love and support. I’m so grateful to be a part of this lovely blogging community and to have such wonderful FRIENDS in so many of you! Whether I’m having a bad day or a good day, your comments and emails are always sure to make my day :)

Next up! It was so much fun to FINALLY share some of my many iPhone pictures with you guys last week! I actually found myself taking a ton this past week so I’m linking up with Savanah and Erin again!


It’s hard to believe Christmas decorations are already out but I love this!


Listen, I’m not sure WHY there’s at least one Angry Birds reference on my blog a week, but check this out! Yellow bird, of course, because they’re the best.


My best friend’s little boy turned one this weekend so I was out and about on a toy shopping escapade. I loved seeing these German toys!


The classic Water Baby was one of my most beloved toys growing up. Hahaha. I loved my little doll!


One day last week, while going out to lunch, I spotted this bad boy in the parking lot. It will one day be mine!


I caved and let my cat Missy up on the table only to find out this is what she had in mind. Pardon the horrible picture quality.


Needless to say, that was Stella’s reaction when she saw the special treatment that was going on. “Hey, Mom! Let me up there too!”


It’s okay. Stella had her own fun later on while “tightrope” walking across the bottom of the chair!! She’s got skill.


These little puppies were pretty unique. Cute little wedges with a black tie across the front. Too bad my feet are way narrow and the smallest size was too big :(


While in Restoration Hardware one night {is that store cool or what?!} I saw this grey, tufted headboard! If you know me, you know it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, the lighting in that store isn’t ideal for iPhone pics but you get the idea!

Lastly, I’m also linking up today with Neely and Amber for the Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge since there are a few Fall shows I figured I’d mention!


First off is a show that starts tonight!



Hart of Dixie! Fingers crossed that it ends up being decent because I’ve missed Rachel Bilson! Who else will be tuning in tonight to watch this?

Then, of course, is one of my shows that just started up again two weeks ago…



90210! Sometimes I really feel like I’m the only person who watches this because I never hear anyone else mention it. But, listen… I’m not really one for series television {I like my reality TV} and I’ve been following this show since its first season. As a lover of the original Beverly Hills: 90210, I got a bit hooked early on.

The new Real World {SAN DIEGO!!!} starts this week as well. While the cast doesn’t look all too thrilling, I’ll be watching only because San Diego holds a very special place in my heart :)

Oh, and while they’re not technically “Fall” shows, I’m loving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, although the Orange County girls will always be my favorites, and DANCE MOMS! Ohhhh my gosh, Dance Moms is amazing!

What are your Fall shows? Since there are so many, I can’t catch them all :)


Alexandria said...

I'm totally Tivo'ing Heart of Dixie tonight since I'm going to be at Boston Fashion Week. I'm absolutely devastated that I'm missing the season premiere of Gossip Girl, too. So much so that I almost decided not to go to the fashion show. Clearly, I've got priorities :)

Jessica said...

I'm really excited about Hart of Dixie. I didn't blog about it, but I really am wanting it to be a good show.

CALLIE said...

You are not alone ha! I watch 90210, as well!! Love it

Katie said...

I'm really hoping I get all of my "to do" list accomplished tonight so I can watch Hart of Dixie. Normally I'd say screw the list, but I HAVE to get it done and the house clean before Jess comes into town! I hope it's good. RHOBH is on too :)

Liz Taylor said...

Love the real housewives glass!! Where did you find that? I need one. The OC girls always hold a special place in my heart but I love Beverley Hills too

P! said...

Your cats are TOO cute!! Lots of great pics in this post- I love the Real Housewives glass and the Water Baby... haven't seen one of those in ages!! Also, that headboard is to die for! Happy Monday!

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

O.M.G. Missy has stolen my heart. My dog does that with my water glass all the time and even though it's bad pet behavior, I just want to kiss her every time she does.

Also, AAAAAAAAAAAA!! How did I not KNOW that Rachel Bilson was in a new show?????? This is going on my list. Immediately.

Kasondra said...

I LOVE Haba toys!!! Wooden toys are full of win.

Victoria said...

i hope hart of dixie is good too!! i am looking forward to it :)

happy tv watching!

Jax said...

Ohno I forgot about Hart of Dixie! I kinda wanted to see that. I think my DVR is gonna be burning up on Mondays.. haha!

Ashley said...

That RHONP glass is hilarious!! May need to purchase some for wine nights with friends.... ha

Aly said...

I was at Target on my lunch today and there was Christmas stuff out! I was shocked!

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh, girl- we're loving so many of the same things! I'm obsessed with most of the Real Housewives... such a guilty pleasure. Also, so glad you mentioned your Dance Moms addiction- my friends laugh at me for this one! I can't help it. I'm hooked!

Also, I love love that first iPhone pic! I want it for this holiday season, absolutely :) Have a fabulous Monday! Xoxo

J said...

Things I need:
1)That wine glass
2)Those shoes
3)That car!!

And I'm soooo excited for Hart of Dixie tonight!!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I cannot wait to watch Hart of Dixie tonight!


Michelle said...

LOVE your future car ;)

Watching Hart of Dixie now and loving it!

A Little Bit of This & That

Miss K said...

idk how good hart of dixie will be, but i'm excited to watch it tonight.

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Urgh..Christmas decorations already..really?!