Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Money and Heartbreak on Bachelor Pad 2

Yes, I sat there and watched all three hours of the Bachelor Pad 2 finale. I thought once to myself, “this is an awfully long time to watch one show.” However, I’m glad that I did. Amidst all the drama and backstabbing, there are moments in the show that actually resonate with me. Those moments usually involve Michael and Holly. Here is where I give my spoiler alert: come back and read this later if you have yet to watch the finale.

Michael and Holly


These two had previously been engaged to one another, broke it off, got back together, and broke up again. They came onto the show separately but the love Michael still had for Holly was very apparent. Enter Blake.


Holly and Blake start to fall for one another throughout the show and Mike is in utter distress when his ex-fiancée and this new man are out all night on a date. I may or may not have had tear-filled eyes as Michael confessed to Holly once she got back that he was still in love with her and said so many sweet things to the love of his life. Holly told him it was too late.

Well, last night I may or may not have had tear-filled eyes again when BLAKE sat in the “hot seat” with Chris Harrison, confessing his love for Holly. I’m quite sensitive at the moment when it comes to “love” so hearing him go on and on about all the reasons he’s so “madly in love” with her tugged at my heart. And then, the big news was unveiled along with the footage:

Blake asked Holly to marry him and after saying, “Are you serious?” she squealed a few times and said, “yes.” It was cute.

But, what about this?


Michael still loved Holly AND they were still partners in the running for $250,000. I was astonished to find out as they brought out the final two couples, that Michael had NO idea that his former-fiancée and “Blake the Snake” were engaged to be married. My heart broke as he heard the news AFTER all of America did. He sat there in utter shock and I could see the pain in his eyes.

Cue the water works.

I couldn’t help but to re-live some of the pain I’ve felt recently that I’m sure Michael was feeling too. He had thought earlier in life that the woman sitting next to him was going to be his happy ending; his happily ever after. Although our situations and positions were very different, realizing, accepting, and knowing the finality of a relationship that serious is a feeling I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to put into words. While Michael had known Holly would be moving in with Blake, he had not known until that moment that the woman he had once planned on marrying would soon be someone else’s wife {well, we’ll see.}

Hearing him say that he had always wanted Holly to be happy “for the rest of her life” was bittersweet.

Moving on… I’m a little upset at all the negative feedback over Ben F. being the new Bachelor. Sure, there were other options but, why all the hate? I’m just ticked that I have to wait until JANUARY to get my fix of reality romance!



So, where would you have cast your vote for the winner of Bachelor Pad 2? Holly and Michael or Michelle and Graham?


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Ashley said...

Love the recap :) I did a little recap of my own, although yours was better lol. But cannot believe Blake and Holly are engaged ... WTF? I love Micheal! I vote for him to be next bach :) I would have voted for Holly/Mike too cus Michelle Money used to be crazzyyy remember? but now shes normal? I dunno .. I was engrossed with watching last night and can't wait until Januray eitherrr ..eek!

90 Percent Blonde... said...

I wanted Michael and Holly to win so I am glad they did. However, I cried like a baby when Michael found out Holly and Blake were engaged. I always hoped Holly would give Mike another chance but seeing his heart break on national television killed me.

Sarah @ 90percentblonde.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Okay, confession time. I have never watched this show. But now, thanks to your lovely recap, I just might have to start for the new season. I'm such a sucker for love stories, and always put myself in the other people's shoes, which usually results in me bawling on my couch ... over people I don't even know, ha. But yeah, totally have to add this to my 'to watch' list! :)

Megan said...

I feel bad for Michael and Blake. I feel bad for Michael because Holly played him. She should have told him before the show that she was engaged. That was really messed up of her. I feel bad for Blake because I feel like he is getting a bad rap because of the way that Holly handled the whole situation. I think everyone is pinning this on him when in all reality, it was Holly's responsibility to handle the Michael side of it. As far as Ben goes, I think he will be a great Bachelor and I hope that he finds someone that he truly loves.

Lindsey said...

hmmm ... I would probably have picked Michelle and Graham. I don't know why, I used to hate her. But I really didn't like what Holly did to Michael. Not right. I find it hard to believe that he just found that out. That is messed up and obvi ABC did that for ratings. I didn't like how that happened at all and it made me really uncomf. That being said, I'm super excited for Ben!!! I loved him and wanted him to win. But now I'm glad he gets his turn!!!!

CMae said...

I was routing for Michelle and Graham. :( I am NOT excited about Ben being the bachelor. Personally, I thought all the contestants as Ashley's final 4 guys were DUDS....I wanted Ames!!!!! :)

Sheri said...

I would have voted for Holly and Michael probably but i did like Michelle and Graham too. I HATE the way the show handled that whole situation with the engagement. That was so cruel to do to Michael, he seems like such a sweet guy. What they'll do for ratings!!
Agreed, don't want to wait til January for The Bachelor!

Denise said...

I love me some Bachelor Pad! :)

Lauren said...

I'm so sad... I wanted Holly and Michael to get back together! :( Love your recap! :)

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

I need this show in my life - that guy is HOT!
(I feel I should point out here that I live in the UK just so you don't all think that I'm mental!)

Nicole said...

I think Michael should totally be the next bachelor. Yum.

Carolyn said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE. I can't believe they got engaged and waited until they were on TV to tell him. So ridiculous.