Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day in the Current Life

The beauty of my life right now is that no two days are the same - a major reason why I do what I do. There are so many pros [as well as a few cons] to not having to work an 8-5 office job like I had done up until this point since college. Working for the surf brand and working on my jewelry line give me the freedom to work from home, or the beach, or a cafe, etc. However, it also means I work all the time. Weekends, nights, 2am in the morning. I need to start practicing better self control. So, join me in one of my "typical yet not so typical" days!

Most mornings during the week start out with some form of coffee and a small breakfast. Just not usually in a cave. And not usually in a cave that makes me appear to be a ghost. It's a lot more exciting when it does happen that way though.

Then the work begins. I'm either in a day-long meeting if it's a Tuesday, running around getting things ready for an event if it's a Friday or a weekend, or doing any other miscellaneous thing for the surf brand like designing, writing, and, planning.

If I'm lucky and do have extra time before the clock strikes midnight, I do one of several things. I go for a run/life cool down in Balboa, go to the gym, get After Sunset jewelry orders made and shipped off, or watch the sunset. But on the weeks leading up to an event or any other major work priority [like this week], these things are hard to come by.

Then, depending on whether or not I have time to try a new recipe, I find something to eat in my fridge, get something work-related done on my laptop while I listen to something I DVR-ed [usually The Voice - don't tell me what's happened because I haven't had time to watch it this week!], get in bed around midnight and either blog or do administrative things for After Sunset until a three-digit time like this one:

My days are usually pretty long with a lot going on but they're not boring. That's for sure. I just have to remind myself to keep life balanced. So, there you have it! A day in the life of Chelsea. What do you think?


Bobbie said...

I am really enjoying these day in the life posts! So interesting! I think it would be wonderful to work at home, except you are right... all hours are "work hours"

Kristine said...

Love this post! I've always thought about doing a post on "a day in the life of..." But I've just never gotten around it.
You sure are a busy gal but you seem so happy and tht you truly enjoy what you do :)


JC Carter said...

So i have to ask what time do you get up? I can pretty much make my own schedule at work, so I end up getting up at like 5 am and going to bed early, just the opposite of you, which is why i ask.

Sarah at Midwest Pillowtalk said...

i think we need to be neighbors
keep chuggin hunnie! youre awesome!