Monday, May 20, 2013

Five Wonderful Bloggers

Whether you're new to the blogging community and are looking for some new blogs to read or are a family member/friend of mine who's curious which blogs I love to check up on, today I share 5 of my favorite blogs with you!

1. Jenni from Story of My Life

Jenni was one of the very first blogs I read when I started blogging almost two years ago.
Everything about Jenni and her blog have been a wonderful example to me.
Her writing, her beautiful pictures, her perspective, her honesty, and her humor.
She is a witty girl with awesome pointers to help you find your voice in blogging.
But most importantly, she is transparent and real.
Jenni, you are a real gem and I'm SO very grateful to "know" you :)

2. Katie from Katie Did What

She's one of the most beautiful people I know.
Beautiful on the inside & the outside.
Her heart, mind, and soul.
In fact, we're soul sisters.
Katie and I really connected this year after she too, lost her mother.

It's like we speak [write] each other's minds.
She brings me to tears and it's in a way that's therapeutic.
It's sad and devastating but comforting at the same time.
And her blog is the perfect mixture of life, love, fashion, reflection, and hope.
Her support and her understanding make me grateful everyday.
You are a light, Katie girl. And I just love you for that.

3. Ashley from House of Glass

How can you NOT love her?
I'm so glad I can say that hot Ash above is one of my real-life friends.
Thanks to blogging :)

She's full of this energy that is so unique and contagious!
Being around her just makes life better. Seriously.
And I feel the same way whenever I'm on her blog.
She's a strong woman who knows a TON about living a healthy lifestyle all-around.
And I finally get to venture out to the Glass Ranch soon to visit her and her awesome husband ;)

I remember finding Devon's blog from a sponsor highlight on Jenni's blog over a year ago [Oh, and that also just so happens to be how I found Ashley's blog!]
Devon is a surfer girl from Southern California and that alone drew me in right away.
And then I saw her gorgeous pictures that perfectly portrayed the beauty of the San Diego area.

And then there was her writing...
Devon is an amazing writer.
She is an amazing thinker!
Every time I leave her blog, I am deep in thought.
Her perspective and take on situations is so thought-provoking.
Especially when she writes about following your dreams.
[I wrote this post and then just-so-happened to run into Devon this weekend! More to come but I am so glad we finally met!]

5. Holly from Hey, Hollywood

And last but not least is Holly. If you've been around here for a while, you probably already know her.
Since we're bloggy besties and all.
How on earth we haven't met yet in real life, we still don't know.
But she is such a true friend and I know without a doubt that her blog is a true representation of how fun and loving and genuine she truly is.

Holly's blog is always a breath of fresh air.
If I've had a bad day and just finished yet another heavy blog post [my bad] I know I can go over to her blog and laugh hysterically.
She is SUCH a positive and uplifting woman.
And I love her so much that I've blogged about her twice this month.
Such a good bestie I am ;)

Go say hi to these five wonderful ladies.


Ash said...

oh thanks so much for the shout out!!!! i'm so glad we are friends (: and slightly totally jealous that you and devon hung out this past weekend! (;

yay for blogging!!

Katie Did What said...

Oh, my soul sister, I just love you. You just brought ME to tears, go figure ;)


Holly said...

I cannot thank you enough for all the shout outs this month. You are too much and I love you for being you! Thank you for introducing me to a couple of bloggers I didn't follow yet - Katie and Ashley. I'm excited to start reading their blogs! And as always, I love your face :)

Devon said...

Chelsea, it was so awesome meeting you. You are such a nice and warm person. I hope we meet again soon! Thank you so much for this shout-out. It practically made me cry :)