Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wedding Wednesday | Summery Signature Drinks

With the true start of Summer just around the corner from us, what better theme to have for Wedding Wednesday but Summery Signature Drinks?! We chose to have a signature drink at our wedding and good thing we did, because everyone LOVED it! Although our wedding wasn't in the Summer, we chose a colorful, fresh sparkling punch as our signature drink known as Raspberry Fizz.

Signature drinks are perfect for weddings (regardless of the season) because they are a fun way to add a personal touch to your reception! It's also a great way to tie in a theme or your wedding colors. Think about your guests and what they might like. Are many of them avid sweet tea drinkers? Perhaps you're having a beach wedding and your guests would love a pina colada! If you're going to be having a lot of younger guests or guests that don't drink alcohol, consider making your drink non-alcoholic. This will be a great way to have a tasty drink that everyone can have while not adding to the cost of liquor. Or, if your budget allows, have one virgin and one alcoholic signature drink!

Also consider the look you want to go for. Do you want your drinks to be self-serve and kept in glass pitchers for your guests to help themselves?

Maybe you've decided to have a bottled soda or lemonade as your signature drink. (Love this idea by the way!) Instead of keeping the sodas behind a bar with the bartender, you could display the bottles in ice in a large bucket or trunk or... even a wheelbarrow! Be creative :)

Or, maybe you just want to get creative with the decor of the glass! Straws, umbrellas, fruit garnishes, or even just the type of glass!

So, what do you think? Will you and your groom be having a signature drink at your wedding? Did you already have a reception with a delicious signature drink? What was it? Again, they're a wonderful way to add a personal touch (and hopefully have your guests saying, "Mmmm what's in here??" all night) Talk with your caterer about coming up with a custom drink or look into pricing for fun, bottled drinks in bulk. Don't forget, you can also find places to create a custom drink label with a picture of the newlyweds! Here's to warmer weather and a nice, cool drink on a Summer evening :) Happy June!

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