Monday, June 27, 2011

Sushi with a Side of Jazz

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! This past week was busy and luckily I got some great pictures of what went on! My friend Kate over at Kate Sullivan Blogs was here visiting Utah so it was great to spend time with her and enjoy the beauty of this part of the country! We had a great time catching up, talking about the differences of Utah versus Virginia, walking around until our feet hurt and we could barely move, and even saw a car with a Virginia license plate. This is a big deal, okay?





Thursday, as I’ve mentioned, was the 2011 NBA draft so the husby and I headed over to the big watch party at the arena! It was awesome and the adrenaline was surely pumping. The Utah Jazz had the #3 and #12 picks and ended up bringing on two awesome players! We are known to be the LOUDEST fans in the NBA and the crowd of 7,500 that night proved that :)Watch Party

Watch Party

This weekend we went out for much needed sushi. Much needed. I’m talking, I needed this sushi so badly my mouth has been watering for weeks. We had been planning on going each weekend but for one reason or another, it didn’t happen. We went to a cute little place called Yellowfinn and enjoyed a plethora of rolls (four to be exact!)





After sushi, we drove around then watched the sun set at a park, being sure to avoid the million sprinklers that were on. Then it was time for dessert. Frozen yogurt to be exact. Let’s be honest and say that dessert is necessary on the weekend! I went with the coconut fro-yo with cheesecake pieces and pineapple. Talk about Heaven on Earth!


The only things I’m not including from this past week are the pictures of Kip plus the great fostering story I have and the details of a very important and exciting phone call that I received (and would LOVE all your thoughts and prayers until I know more!!!!)

Also, tomorrow is going to be an exciting day on Life is a Sunset because I’ll be sharing something NEW with you which I’m excited and nervous about at the same time! :)

Hope you enjoyed my smörgåsbord (I say this word all the time) of pictures and events! What did you do this weekend??


Alivia said...

These photos are beautiful. LOVE that outfit. Excited to hear your news!!

Katie said...

You are so prettyyy! I've never been to Utah but seriously it looks so so gorgeous there. I got froyo this weekend too and it was a perfect ending to the weekend haha

Courtney B said...

Fuuunnn!!! I need to have friend's come visit from out of state to play tourist! That is the perfect way to play in the place you live!
I wish I loved sushi the way everyone else does...but I'm just not that into it :(

Megan said...

SOOO excited to see Kip got a new home and family!!!!! Nothing makes my day more!!!

And this post makes me miss Virginia :-( And even though I live in Ohio, when I see VA license plates I totally get excited. I don't's like I know them...but I don't ;-)

Have a wonderful week!

Lauren said...

Ah, I get pineapple & coconut swirl froyo alllll the time. So amazing :) Sushi and froyo are so awesome that there is a place in town that pairs the two, which is perfect for me. Random combination, but both are fairly healthy for you and to me it makes perfect sense!

The Michelle Show said...

Where the heck do all you bloggers get interesting fro-yo flavors?? Better question, WHO HAVENT I EVER TRIED ANYTHING LIKE THIS. *Mad*

Ashlyn said...

absolutely love all the pictures chels :] gorgeous! & i have never had Fro-yo! do they even have that in VA that you know of?!

AlyssonJean said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!! The pictures are beautiful and ice cream is my weekend MUST! Will be praying for you- can't wait to hear what you have for us tomorrow. XO

Laura said...

Beautiful pictures! You are so stinkin cute!!!

I can't wait to hear your news, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers....and that sushi looked delicious!!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

such a fantastic re-cap Chelsea! oh how i love those girlfriend get togethers, especially when it's a visit from afar. and how serendipitous was that drive by? total sign!!!!

i love live music events and going to games but i've never been to a draft pick that kinda had both going on - that's so rad! girl, i totally relate to the needed sush, i moved away from Vancouver (where sushi restos are practically on every street corner) to, where they are/were few and far between. plus it even tasted different there. weird hey? i needs my fix weekly so glad you got yours.

i'm excited for you and whatever is going on. it sounds pretty epic. those smiles on your faces speak volumes, many blessings to you lades. may the sun shine sparkle on that lovely face of yours just as it does in those spectacular shots. ♥

Sarah said...

OH. My. Goodness. You take GORGEOUS pictures! Can't wait to hear your news!

sherri lynn said...

Your pictures are SO beautiful! I love the ones with the mountains! Glad you had such a great weekend. I'm anxious to hear your news - I'm your newest follower! :)