Friday, June 3, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday {3}

I feel like I have spent the past twenty-four hours doing blog research. In reality, I spent three of those hours at the midnight premiere of X-Men: First Class. If you like the X-Men movies (like I do, surprisingly) go see it! I really got a kick out of the key cameos :) However, other than that movie, I really feel like I've spent the last day doing blog research. You're probably wondering why. Be looking for a post on that very soon!

For now, it's time to get to Fill in the Blank Friday! Join in on the fun and link up with The Little Things We Do!
  1. I love blogging because      of the freedom I have to write about my life, my thoughts, my experiences, my goals, my worries, and my questions. Because the words and pictures I post on here can trickle out to people all over the entire world! Because I can connect with other people and read about their lives, their thoughts, their experiences, their goals, their worries, and their questions. It's a beautiful concept.
  2. A time that mama knew best was     when she told me I was making the decision to move to Utah too quickly. My mom knows I make decisions based on my heart and not always based on my mind. I disregarded her feelings and opinions and quickly decided on my own to leave behind everything I had ever known. Sure, it was fun and exciting the first three months or so. But that excitement quickly turned to being homesick. Then, it became less about missing home and more about realizing how much home is where my heart is. It's what has shaped me. After years of rebelling and never wanting to listen to my parents' guidance (just because they were my parents), maybe it took me moving across the country to realize they know me better than anyone and... mama always knows best. Always.
  3. My first kiss went a little like this     hmmm, I've never really been one to kiss and tell!
  4. My celebrity crush is     Ryan Gosling. Has been since I was about eight or nine years old and he was on the Mickey Mouse Club. That's right. I was an avid MMC fan and he was my favorite. I even "didn't like" Christina Aguilera because she got to play his crush in a skit. My favorite role of his is probably in Remember the Titans. Just because he's so dang cute & giggly in that whole movie. Excuse me while my heart melts.
  5. My splurge of choice is     chocolate! Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.
  6. My biggest accomplishment is     moving across the country so quickly? While, looking back, I think it wasn't a smart decision for me as a person, not many people can say they packed up all their stuff and moved to a foreign place (as in, not really knowing anyone or anything there for that matter) far away from everything they've ever known and paid 6 months of rent in advance before they even got there.
  7. My dance jam of choice is     "Jump On It" or the Beverly Hills: 90210 theme song. Something about it just makes me want to do the "Roger Rabbit" all over my house. And you think I'm kidding... YouTube  it right now and get your 90's dance on!
That's it for this week! Hope you had a great (and short) week and have a beautiful weekend! Keep your fingers crossed for me that we might actually get some warm weather here! Pllllease!

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