Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surprise! Trying Something New

As promised, today I have something new and fun to show you on my blog! I’ve always LOVED watching people’s vlogs. (Vlog=Blog in video format!) Call me crazy but it’s a fun way to get a different & even better glimpse into someone’s life.

If you blog, you clearly like to read about new people and I’m sure you would agree that looking through pictures people post about their lives helps you get to know them even better, right? Well, maybe after this video and hearing what I sound like and seeing all my quirks, you’ll {hopefully} like me even more! :) I could be wrong and really you’ll just see that I’m a total dork and never come back ;) For those of you who already know me, well, this is just an added little treat!

I found out about an awesome company called Eco-Emi which I’ll explain more about in the video but basically they’re all about eco-friendly products and send you goodies each month. It’s like Christmas morning each month!! (Okay, minus the eggnog and lights and “White Christmas” playing in the background. Just go with it, alright?)

I wanted to do a little “haul” showing you guys everything I got from them this month and figured a vlog would be the easiest way to do it! Plus, it’d be fun to switch it up a little! I know the sound and lighting aren’t perfect but I think it still gets the job done :)

P.S. I know some of you are at work/school and maybe can’t watch/listen to this right now so I’ll post the wrapped pictures as a teaser of what you’ll have to come back and watch later!

All Wrapped Up

Eco-Emi Goodies

Ladies and gentlemen: Now presenting, Chelsea’s very first vlog!!

So, what’d you think of my very first vlog? I’m a total dork, huh? It’s okay, I embrace it :)

What do you think about Eco-Emi? Do any of you already get these monthly packages in the mail? If there are any products you want reviews on, shout me a comment or email letting me know and I’ll post it on here! :)

Here’s to going green, doing our own part to living an eco-friendly life and taking care of our environment. And…. “World Peace!” Miss Congeniality, anyone? :)


Lauren said...

I'm going to have to watch/listen later as yes, I'm at work, but can't wait! Even though I already know what you sound and act like :)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

I loved your vlog!!!! You are too cute! I love that gum...haha I am actually doing a mini post on it..its good! This was fun..so glad you were brave and did this :)

XO Lindsay

The Michelle Show said...

I'm @ work too, but I'll come back and watch! Good for you for posting a video, it's crazy nervewracking the first time. I swear I was shaking when I first started up with Youtube but now I'm so comfortable its embarassing.

Hollie Ann said...

I loved it! I may do a vlog soon just for fun! Great products too girl :)

Alysson said...

great vlog girl!! Your package sounds amazing! XO


Laura said...

you are too cute! you have such guts to get on youtube and go for it. you have way more courage than I'll ever have! what a great idea to go green!

Lindsey said...

Watching your vlog as I comment so I don't miss anything.

Your eyes are really blue and pretty!

Never heard of an Eco Emi Box btw. How much is this a month?

I wonder what the gum tastes like ... interesting.

Ohh let me know how the mask, I've never used one and have been wanting to find a good one. NEED SOME HELP WITH WRINKLES!!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!

Ashlyn said...

ahhh, i loved it chels! & i love the eco-emi -- i might just have to try it! :] can't wait for the next one!

mdeluccia13 said...

You are too cute Chelsea! Great Vlogging! I want to try out that company. Its sounds cool! You need to keep us all posted on if any of the stuff you got worked or was good or not! :)