Monday, June 6, 2011

Warm Weekend

FINALLY we have seen a warm(ish) weekend here in Utah! Friday was "eh" -- Saturday was nice but later cooled off once the clouds blew in -- and Sunday was warm! I could definitely get used to this! A lot of eating took place this weekend. That needs to stop.

First off, I'd like to let you in on a little fun fact about me. Some of you may already know. I am obsessed with turquoise/teal/aqua. That is probably an understatement. I took a little picture here while we were on our way out to let you know how I color coordinate... all the time. Nails. iPhone cover. Make-up bag. Wallet. I'm sorry I'm not sorry...

Okay, now back to the weekend -- Friday was pretty relaxed. My "husby" (my form of hubby) was craving In N Out. What's new? Since I'm doing the whole pescatarian thing now and didn't want the grilled cheese, I chose to sit patiently while Husby ate his protein style double-double. I also thought I should help him with some of his fries. Right? Next up was Plato's Closet, the "today's fashions" consignment-esque shop. I had never been before and have now found a new favorite place. I love a good bargain. Great bargains are even better. We were In N Out (no pun intended) of there in 10 minutes then it was off to dinner #2 for yours truly! We went to Zupa's. If you don't have Zupa's where you live, it's this soup, salad, panini eatery. Everything there is delish. I got the "Mangoberry" salad with their amazing lobster bisque soup. The best part about Zupa's is that every order comes with a complimentary chocolate-dipped strawberry. Heavenly!

In case you're wondering, that little stream runs right through our neighborhood :)

Saturday was a good day. It was warm in the afternoon so I was excited to finally be able to put some shorts on! It's the little things, my friends. It's the little things. I did a little bargain shopping while Husby was working and we met back up for a picnic later on. It was about 3:00 at this point. We were both starving but knew dinner would be in a few hours so didn't want too much. We didn't have the healthiest snack/lunch. Let's just say it involved Slurpees. Don't worry -- I will be going to the gym all week long.

Our picnic was not the classiest either. There was no picnic basket or even blanket for that matter. And, here's the best part... it was located on a strip of grass in a parking lot. Awesome, right? There was a little "tent sale" going on in a shopping center right by us and I thought it'd be fun to stop by so we went, parked, and before going in, we ate on the grass. Ha, gotta love it! Oh, I left out an important detail -- The Humane Society was set up at a grocery store we were at earlier. They had adorable kittens and dogs. Ya'll -- RESCUE animals! There are so many poor animals out there without homes. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Blog post to come on that :)
Yes, we are an old married couple and match our clothes...

Sunday we went to church, caught some rays and read The Secret on our deck, and spent some time with Husby's family where I passed on the hamburgers, had corn on the cob, and listened to a pretty heated political debate courtesy of my husband. Oh, boy. This weekend also consisted of a lot, and I mean a lot, of playtime with Stella girl. She's back to the lively little cat she was pre-surgery!! I seriously treat her like she is my child. What did you all do this weekend?


ashlyn said...

oh & i want to know where practically your whole teal outfit is from. i {love} it allll. especially the purple sweater! my favorite color! :]

Chelsea said...

Haha, you're so cute :) I love purple & teal together! The teal top is from Forever21, purple cardigan is from Nordstrom {LOVE their sweaters!} Oh, and the nail polish is that Essie Turquoise & Caicos I was telling you about!! Toe nail polish is a different color though -- a little darker and super matte.

hayley j said...

what brand are your gold sandals? i love that style and finally wore mine to death but can't find any :(