Monday, June 13, 2011

Second June Weekend

My weekend consisted of walking, bargain shopping, catching up on old school 90210, and eating food (what’s new?) Among other things, we also visited an animal shelter. If you didn’t read my heartfelt post from yesterday on our visit, go read that here now.

There is a beautiful outdoor mall in downtown Salt Lake City. We have tried visiting this place a few times in the past month and either got rained out or got there a half hour before closing. This week we had plenty of time and nice weather working in our favor.

Upon arrival, I realized I forgot to put perfume on before leaving the house. Not a big deal, but I knew it was going to bug me all night. Kind of like forgetting to put on earrings or a watch… ya feel naked, right?? So, first stop was Bath & Body Works to try a sample perfume :) Clever, I know.

WELL, Bath & Body Works was having a big time sale. I just so happened to have TWO gift cards for that store. Needless to say, I walked out with the Caribbean Salsa candle (smells nothing like salsa, by the way – it’s just tropical yumminess) and one big bottle of the Eucalyptus & Mint lotion from their Aromatherapy line. Heaven.

The mall has fun things like jumping fountains and fog as well as plaques from the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics! I chose not to partake in the fountain shenanigans. I know… the pictures would have been better. Maybe next time?





We then had a flashback to our time in Hawaii and had dinner at a commercialized Hawaiian grill. Since pretty much everything on the menu had chicken in it, I went for the fish tacos. Yum! They had pineapple in the mix. Double-yum!!


On Saturday we drove up to Park City where I wanted to accomplish two things: go to the Cosmetic Company Outlet to find some MAC bargains (as mentioned in this post) and to get some pictures of the STELLAR ski jump from the Winter Olympics which is right behind the outlet mall.

Well, let’s just say I got the MAC products. I was totally pumped about that – I picked up Jest and Amber Lights eye shadows, in case you’re into MAC like me – but totally bummed about not getting the shots I wanted of the ski jump. I’m penciling in another trip to Park City soon to get those pictures and to do Main Street :) Hold me to it!

On a side note, every time I go to Park City, I fall deeper in love. It is SO different from Salt Lake. While I’m not an avid skier, snowboarder, or anything snow related, that town has a fun personality. I recommend it to anyone!

So, friends… what did you do this weekend? Whatever it was, I hope it was enjoyable and rejuvenating!


hayley j said...

i just found your cute :) my uncle has a house in park city and i still have yet to go but it is a must for me, everyone says it is so beautiful.

ashlyn said...

i really enjoy all the pictures chels! it makes me want to keep my camera with me at all times, so that i can take more pictures. it looks like you had a wonderful weekend :]

Kate said...

I second Ashlyn on the pictures - you've got some gorgeous shots here. But you've always been good at that :)

I'm going to be in Utah in a week! We should hang out!