Sunday, June 12, 2011

Forever Friends

I have a big place in my heart for homeless animals. If you don’t already know about my kitty Stella, we found her at the Humane Society and fell in love. Her family moved and did not take her with them. Sad story if you ask me. Luckily, we had room in our home and hearts for the sweetest and most loving kitty we could have asked for.

She has changed my life.

I have always, always had a special place in my heart for cats and dogs in need of a forever home. I have visited the SPCA, County Animal Shelter, or Humane Society for years just to see the animals, and give them a little “hello.” It breaks my heart to see them in those conditions but I’ve promised myself that I will never buy from a breeder. There are far too many animals that, by no fault of their own, are days or mere hours away from death.

I believe that every animal deserves a caring home and shouldn’t have a ticking time bomb determining their fate after a certain amount of time elapses. Have you heard about Best Friends Animal Society? They are a no-kill animal sanctuary in Southern Utah. 22 of the many dogs battered and abused in NFL Michael Vick’s “Bad Newz Kennels” were sent to this sanctuary for years of rehabilitation. Many of them are still there today. Animals rescued from the waters after Hurricane Katrina reside there too, waiting for their Forever Homes. Other animals there have suffered through horrible pain and abuse: a dog hit by a car and found lying in a ditch with a broken back, a dog that was locked in a cage and shot repeatedly, miraculously surviving. The stories are endless and heart-breaking.

I really can’t tell you all how tender my heart is for these and all animals searching for a family. Like I said, I’ve spent a good deal of time with these dogs and cats, taking them out for a walk, cuddling with them, playing fetch and loved each and every one of them. Some were terrified, some were excited, some just needed to get out of their cage.


Jade, a beautiful and playful Australian Shepherd.


Alba, a young dog transferred from an LA shelter. She was so scared she wouldn’t walk on the leash but loved to be held and cuddled.


Zoie, an energetic Vizsla mix who couldn’t get enough of sniffing anything and everything


Koda, a playful lab mix with a sweet personality


This cat looks like she’d be a little sister of my Stella girl! She was such a sweetheart and just wanted to cuddle! She had a runny nose which was surprisingly adorable.



Me & Emma

Yesterday in Park City, we found a lovely little animal shelter known as Furburbia where we came across Emma, a blue nose pit bull. I have never, and I mean never, been into pit bulls before. Probably because I’m scared of them and most of them could take my 5 foot 1 self down! This little girl was SUCH a sweetie, though. She seemed to take a real liking to me versus my male counterpart :)

Anyway, I know this post is random and full of pictures of animals that hopefully have found a home by now. However, this has just been on my mind and I wanted to share it with you.

I wish I could rescue them all.

I wish I had a huge backyard for these dogs to roam and play in.

More than anything, I wish each of these animals will find a Forever Home. Pets are a huge commitment – time, money, love, shelter. If you’re adopting a puppy KNOW that it is a commitment. Not for the next three weeks or until they become a full-grown dog but FOREVER. If you move, take them with you. If they become terribly sick, be willing to take care of them. Pets need more than a bowl of food and a bowl of water. They need love and companionship.

This is my prayer for all those less-fortunate animals. That one day soon, they’ll have that love and compassion forever.


Lauren said...

I feel the same way... When I wasn't working I was volunteering for the animal shelter and being a foster mom - Time wisely spent for sure! I would have a million animals if I could. I would love to have a big farm with rescue animals. Maybe one day. In the meantime I know I'll be adopting anytime we have some room in our family.

Bree said...

That second picture breaks my heart. It just looks like pure sadness in those eyes :(

I volunteered at the SPCA years ago for 2 years with my mom. We would socialize with the cats and walk the dogs. It was definitely sad at times, but knowing we were helping even just that little bit was nice.

Elizabeth said...

That chocolate brown down is gorgeous!

Laura said...

Breaks my heart. My stell-dog is a rescue and she's the sweetest pup on earth! I wish I could adopt them all!

Abby said...

This is such a beautiful BEAUTIFUL post and I feel the same way. We rescued all our animals but one and love them all sooo much. Every time I have extra cash, I donate to an animal shelter or animal cause.