Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unfortunate Adventures

Yesterday was quite a day for this girl. It started out in the morning when I decided to head on over to the pool for the first time this season. Let’s just be honest and say that with these cooler temperatures here, there haven’t been too many opportunities to go. So, I was the first person getting to the pool, had some issues unlocking the gate with my key, but finally made my way in. The pool was great. I put some lotion on, had a book and my iPod to keep me company, and started soaking up some rays. The water was still a little too cold for my liking but that was my only real complaint… until I left the pool, that is.

I walk back to my place, inventorying the color of my skin. “Not bad,” I thought to myself. My toes weren’t as pale and my knee caps looked a little rosy. Side note: I always hate when you’ve been out in the sun for a few hours then once you go inside, you can barely tell you got any color. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, I get home, start making some lunch and talking to my cat who is so in the nap-zone that she doesn’t care what I have to say, I check out some blogs, go back to finish making my lunch, go back to the computer (which is, at this time, on my bed) sit down for half a second and see this dark insect with a million little legs meandering through the hills of my comforter. I don’t even like to use the word “meandering” because that sounds cool. This bug was not cool.

This bug was a centipede… millipede… whatever! EW! So, what’s the first thing this terrified-of-every-insect girl does? Yell for my cat. “STELLA! STELLA COME HERE! I NEED YOU!!!” No joke. Of course, Stella is still in la-la land, dozing in the corner behind an end table. Next step: extract the kitty from her lair. I pulled the end table out from the corner, attempting to plead my cat to come out. I’m sure at this point you are shaking your head and rolling your eyes at me. That’s fine. This is how scared of bugs I am.

As soon as I move the end table, Stella thinks she is about to get her spa treatment and flops around, showing me her tummy. Sorry, kitty. Not this time. I squeeze through the small crack of space between the table and the wall, trying so hard not to knock the lamp over, reach down, grab Stella, and proceed to the bedroom. We peak around the corner, waiting for Mr. Bug to appear. Sure enough, he’s still there on the bed. I run in, extend Stella about two feet from my body so that she can see him… nope. She’s oblivious. I put her down on the bed, so maybe she’ll get a better view. I mean, how can she miss this thing?! She misses it. Lays down, looks up at me, and flops around again, asking for a tummy rub. Seriously?! That’s when I realize I’m in this alone.

I get a shoe. Throw it at the bed. It misses. Get another shoe, throw it. The bug stops moving and hides for about 30 seconds. Then, it’s back at it again, crawling toward my half-asleep kitty. “Stella! Stella, LOOK OUT!” Now I’m in defensive mode. I have to do something before this bug gets to my poor cat. I throw the first shoe again. The bug crawls, drops to the ground, and three shoes and a bunch of yelling later, he lost his battle. During bug-attack situations, I am pretty sure I lose all control over my body. During this particular instance, between the throwing and hitting, I somehow jammed/sprained my pointer finger. Maybe I’ll make a splint for it.

But seriously, WHAT was a centipede doing in my BED???? That is NOT okay.

Anyway, after showering, getting ready, and meeting my husband at a water park event for kids that evening, I realized my color from the pool was really starting to seep in. I was happy about that until my skin started to become overly tender and everyone I talked to was saying things like, “Yeah, you’re a little red” and “That looks painful.” Uhhhh… how bad was it?

Don’t worry – I have pictures. Can’t find my camera cord so I’ll have to leave you with one from my iPhone so you can get an idea. Just know, I have never burnt like this before. I tend to stay rather tan(ish) throughout the year but, after getting back from the honeymoon and letting my tan fade, I can honestly say this was the palest I’ve ever been in years. Years, I tell you! Oh well. Lesson learned.


What a day.


The Michelle Show said...

Ouch!! My poor boyfriend got such a bad burn two weeks ago that it took 8 days to fade away, and he is STILL peeling like a lizard!

Laura said...

That looks so painful!! Hooray for pool weather, though!! I hope you get to feeling better!

And I'm right there with you on calling for the animal when there are bugs around. Stella (the dog version)gets woken up quite a bit when cockroaches the size of your head are roaming around. Welcome to the south.

ashlyn said...

omg chels -- that does look like it hurts! put some ALOE in the fridge // works wonders! :] but i am super happy that you got to go to the pool!

oh & your centipede story made me smile :] you are too cute!

Jodie said...

OUCH!! Sorry to hear about your burn! No fun!! I agree with putting the aloe in the fridge!!

I'm your newest follower! Love your blog!

Lindsey said...

OMG! I would DIE if there was a bug in my bed. DIE DIE DIE!!! And I am as pale as they come, I've been burnt more times than I can count. Get yourself some Aloe Vera in the fridge and a cold wash cloth if it starts to blister!! yikes. I hate sunburns!