Monday, June 20, 2011

Pups & Park City

Remember that picture of the sunburn from last week and how I said I have more pictures? Well, here they are. The place we went to (Cowabunga Bay) is full of water slides and fun for kids. I’m not sure how much fun adults could have there, but we enjoyed people-watching :) Please note how good I am at the “attitude” shot. It comes naturally, what can I say? Then pay attention to the white strap “burn” lines and how I color-coordinated my shirt with my skin.



This weekend was a huge blessing to me. I’ve mentioned before an animal adoption center in Park City known as Furburbia. (If you don’t yet know about me being a total animal rescue advocate, go here and read all about it.) We saw on their Facebook fan page that they were in need of foster homes for the night. Once the center closes at night, they pack up all the dogs and take them to a ranch, however, they prefer to have the dogs go to a foster home for a “doggy sleepover.” We drove up there and came home with Bronson, a 6-year old yellow lab mix. He must be mixed with a mastiff or a chow or something because the size of his neck/head was HUGE. He was a sweet dog and started falling in love with our Stella girl :)

Bronson & Stella



We took him back the next afternoon and the staff asked us if we’d be around to foster that night as well. We hadn’t been planning on it but later learned that due to unforeseen circumstances, they had more dogs at the center than they could fit in the van to take to the ranch :( So, we fostered a little guy named Kip, a terrier mix. He was one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met! Loved to cuddle and wanted to be wherever we were. He also LOVED tummy rubs!



Stella wasn’t sure what to think of the dogs. She wanted them to know this was her territory, but every so often she started to become pretty intrigued. Here she is visiting with Kip. So precious :)

Stella & Kip

Stella never liked the bed we got her, but Kip sure did!


Other than fostering dogs all weekend, we spent some more time in Park City. I love that town. Here’s a little of what we saw and what we did:


Park City

Park City

Jamaican Bobsled team?

Park City

Again with the attitude pictures. They’re like second nature to me, no? Also, sunburn = not as bad.

Park City

In this next picture, you can see what I was talking about this past Friday (read about it here) – having your nails all painted one color but having a different color on the ring finger. This is a more extreme example (the colors are entirely different.) I’m thinking the next manicure will involve light brown nails with copper glitter on the ring finger.Park City

Park City

Park City

Park City

I mentioned this before (here), but last weekend when we were in Park City, I had been wanting to get a picture of the long jump from the 2002 Olympics but didn’t get it. I can gladly say that this weekend was the weekend. I got a picture! While it was still far away, I think it’s pretty awesome :)


Oh, and I picked up another MAC eye shadow called “Sketch” which is like a deep maroon-purple. Looks great in the crease! I made one more stop by Bath & Body Works’ amazing sale and got the last Lavender Chamomile candle they had for 50% off! Gotta love a good steal!

It was a rewarding and fun weekend, different from most. I’m grateful for the chance we had to foster those dogs and pray that they find forever homes and can curl up next to their family every night.

I hope you all had lovely weekends, as well! I always get excited for Mondays now because that means the blogging world is back in action after the weekend :)


ashlyn said...

I have looking forward to your fostering post! That is so awesome that yall got to do it more than once -- are you both considering getting a dog? I also love all your pictures, you take such great pictures. I wish I had someone who could take pictures for me, its kinda hard to take them of myself haha. But it looks like you had a wonderful weekend! :]

Megan said...

you are adorable! so glad you stopped by my blog so i now know about yours :-) and the fact that you're so into animals is AMAZING! i look forward to your post about fostering!!!

Bronson and Kip look like two bundles of fun!!! :-)

Have a great week and hope that you enjoyed your weekend!!!

Megan and Justin said...

I love that you were fostering animals! that is amazing. Your blog is adorable. I spent my weekend in park city too haha following now :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I have been wanting to go here for so long! I need to do it sooner then later. p.s. LOVE your ring. So beautiful &unique.

The Michelle Show said...

OUCH! That sunburn looks like it sucks majorly, but at least it will wade into a super nice tan!

Elizabeth said...

I miss park city!! Gorgeous photos! What kind of camera do you have sis? If we didn't have 3 dogs, I'd love to foster for a night!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, the puppies!!! I love those pictures of them!!

Also, I love the manicure (and that super awesome bracelet...want it)! I think it'll look great with the copper and brown too!

Glad you had a good weekend!!

Hollie Ann said...

Love your bangles! You're so sweet for fostering the puppies temporarily!

Lindsey said...

You look gorgeous in the pics! And ouch ... sunburn looks horrible in the first few, but def looks like it's getting better! good!!!

And omg, I'm so not a dog person but those pups looked so cuteee! Very sweet of you to foster them, what a great program.

Glad you had a great weekend!

MaviDeniz said...

that looks like a really fun place, i wish we had more stuff like that around here. im totally in love with those cute dogs!