Thursday, December 5, 2013

My San Diego Year in Review

So much can happen in a year. So much. That is one thing I know to be true in this life. Last year on today's date, December 5th, I arrived in San Diego after driving three and a half days from Virginia. One year later, and here I am, homesick for California as I live the gypsy life (Just kidding. Kind of.) bouncing all over the Eastern seaboard while I work on my life coaching certification. A lot has happened since I arrived in San Diego last year. A lot.

Let's take a trip down San Diego Memory lane, shall we? I've picked out a few main events during the past year. Click whatever tickles your fancy and enjoy the ride :)

I finally made it to my dream city and wrote an early move reflection.

But some days are harder than others. A lot harder.

Luckily, randomly running into this guy put a giddy grin on my face. (GO NATIONALS!)

I dated a guy who taught me one of life's raddest lessons!

I spent my birthday in my favorite little town, Laguna Beach.

I grieved my mother's death after one year.

And gladly chopped my hair off in her honor!

I played tour guide when someone very dear to me came to visit.

Had my first-ever official show for my jewelry line (that I am not currently selling)

Spent a blogger friend's birthday in the desert & had a Palm Springs girls weekend!

Went to the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach!

I made a trip up to Los Angeles to see Dane Cook & eat yummy vegan food!

Here's a glimpse into My California Home.

And lastly, a montage of My San Diego Story.

It was the greatest year of my life thus far and these posts begin to explain just why. Live your dreams, my friends, and be open to all the wonderful opportunities that are out there just waiting for you.


Ash said...

i really can't believe it's been a full year...?!?!? seriously...

aaahhhh all i can think about is all the fun times we had all over the place: palm springs, san diego, the ranch....

whenever your ass can move back again, you will always have a home here (and by here i mean next door to me at the ranch with outside kitty and nubs and rd and p-pup and ok maybe a few harmless spiders and gross water bugs, too)


Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Oh how a year comes and goes so fast.. This time last year I was on a cruise and then shortly after ended my relationship and I've been so happy since then!