Tuesday, December 17, 2013

25 Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2014: Part Two

Yesterday was awesome! I loved reading everyone's answers to the first 10 questions! It's not always easy to get deep with yourself and I think those of you who are doing this work are already light years ahead for the beginning of 2014! Way to go, my friends! Today we're answering questions 11-15! If you're just now joining, find all the details here and it's certainly not too late to join in! Ready, go!

11. When did I feel most creatively inspired? Many times when I was at the beach, in solitude. That is where my greatest writing took place, my jewelry designs were thought out, my clothing designs were imagined, and where my greatest ideas took place.

12. What projects have I completed? Moving cross country. Twice. RAW Showcase for my jewelry business. Started two new jobs (one in which I had my own clothing designs printed & sold by the company I worked for!) and my biggest project of all - my life coaching practice which will constantly be growing and expanding! 'Twas a stellar year!

13. How have I procrastinated? A lot of this is tied to #16. I've noticed that I hold myself back due to perfectionism. If something means a lot to me, such as a business project I'm working on, I sit on it and sit on it and sit on it before making a final decision. It is quite possibly one of THE biggest faults of mine because it really does prolong the process that much.

14. In what ways can I re-structure my time? Mastin Kipp has always stressed the importance of scheduling out your entire day, even all of the mundane activities such as eating a meal. Now that I have classes and clients and commutes thrown into the mix of my previously perfectly-scheduled life, it's time to take Mastin's advice. In 2014, I want to continue being in the best physical/spiritual/mental shape ever and that means being a bit more tedious with my schedule. I need to write-in my time for prayer/reflection, my time for the gym (and getting to/from there) and even time for free writing. I've found it's those personal things that often get put on the back burner and, guess what... it's those personal things that are usually most vital to keep at the top of our list!

15. How have I allowed fear of failure to hold me back? I think "fear of failure" is a bullsh*t term fed to us through worldly conditioning. Knock it off. I'm not scared of it. I don't view "failure" as failing. I view it as grace. When something goes awry, it's either because there is a lesson to be learned or because there is a better plan. Once that is realized, you'll never fear that bullsh*t failure again. You'll welcome that ish and eat it for breakfast! ;)

16. Where has self-doubt taken over? Self-doubt used to take over my entire life. All the inner work I did over the past two years has given me the confidence to stand firmly in the knowledge that I know what's best for me. BUT, I tend to second-guess myself (even when deep down, I know what I believe.) I sit on ideas for much longer than I really ought to, wondering if there is a "more perfect" idea that will come along later or perhaps a "more perfect" time. I have an irrational fear of making the wrong decision and this has prevented me many times from making any decision at all.

17. When have I felt the most alive? The exact moment occurred on a warm, San Diego night in late May. We were leaving the Padres' game (after they won!) Downtown that evening, and I was cruising on the back of my date's bike (wearing a helmet!) I had spent the entire night laughing and gazing at him, in awe of how great it had felt the past couple months to finally be captivated by someone again. As I put on my helmet that night, he gave me the sweetest surprise, and we rode off into the night (Like a fairytale. Literally.) which is when I felt most alive. Cruising through Mission Hills with the breeze on my face as we rode over beautiful bridges and saw the views of the skyline all lit up. I was there, blissfully happy in the city of my dreams.

18. How have I taught others to respect me? By refusing to wait around for people who operate on a "my timeline only" basis. I used to be the girl who'd wait around and reschedule my own schedule all the time for other people. Then, I learned how that gets you nowhere in life other than down a road of disappointment.

19. How can I improve my relationships? I think 2014 is going to be the year of the serious relationship for this girl. I've spent the past two years getting to really know myself, what I need/want in a partner, and have done a lot of personal and professional work and gotten my passion and purpose underway. I'm at a place now where I'm ready, and when the time is right, I'm excited for a primary relationship <3 :)

20. Have I been unfair to anyone? Nope. Everyone comes into our life for a reason and they usually leave for a reason too. I've examined what I've tolerated and had to be honest and fair to myself by telling some truths to others about how they've hurt me or by letting them go.

Life is a Sunset
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Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Your posts always inspire me and leave me feeling good, girl!

My fiancé's mom told me that I need to look into becoming a life coach, since I strive to help people and have dabbled in so much career-wise. I'm seriously considering it. I'd love any info/advice that you can offer :)


Ash said...

i LOVE your answers! bring it on 2014!

(i can be in your wedding, right? you know justin will be an officiant next year.. just saying... a little beach wedding on the BEST coast with the glass fam?! i think it's a go.. now all we need is a man... should be easy-peasy (; )

Amanda @ Eloquent English said...

I loved reading these! I'm starting my own business in 2014, so I'm super excited!!! there will be no procrastinating on my end! EEK!