Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Best Pants Ever

I've always struggled with finding the "perfect" pants for me… until recently, that is! Now, I should begin by saying that I'm pretty big into brand loyalty. Mainly because I know what I like and once I finally find it, I'm not going anywhere. I wear my favorite boots until the heel wears down, get them repaired several times, and keep wearing them year after year like they were brand new. I'm also the type of person who gets something in every color if I really, really love it that much.

Back to pantalones (pants in Espanol!) I can't tell you how many leggings I've gone through in my life. Why are they all so thinly and cheaply made? Enter LC Lauren Conrad leggings. I bought my first pair (the blue lace pattern, below) over a year ago and keep going back for other colors (when Kohl's puts them on an awesome sale!) They are currently $9.99 and they are the comfiest things ever. They don't dig into my waist and they're a little long on me, how I like them :) Plus, I love that they are thicker than most other leggings I've found.

And then there's Old Navy. Sigh. Thanks to Holly, I became obsessed with Old Navy and all of their stellar sales constantly going on a little over a year ago before I moved to San Diego. I frequented every Old Navy in San Diego & SD County and that is where my love for their Rockstar pants began. Pants have always, always, ALWAYS been SUCH a pain for me due to my petite size. I was either getting pants tailored or trying my best to find a short size in several stores at the mall that always ended up falling short (no pun intended.) 

Somehow, Old Navy's regular length fit me well (with just a little added length.) I've yet to try their petite sizes but that's next on the list! Old Navy has several different fits of their pants and the Rockstar is my favorite. I'd say it's embarrassing just how many of their colored denim I currently have in my closet, but, well… I'm kind of proud :)

Old Navy Coated Wash Skinnies (pictured in Ideal Teal)
Old Navy Color-Wash Jeans (pictured in Garnet)
Old Navy Printed Skinnies in Olive or Oatmeal

Boom. I own at least one pair of each of the above pants and can totally vouch for how comfortable and quality they are. I am a frugal shopper and choose not to spend a fortune (or even more than $50) on a pair of pants. I've been on the hunt for pants that work for the amount I want to spend and for my height. As I write this, each pair is on sale!

Pants are a personal preference. We each have our own, unique bodies and fits that we prefer. These are what work for me and I just thought I'd share! Lastly, here I am rocking the Old Navy Rockstar Printed Skinnies in Olive on a date night :)

P.S. My most recent LC Lauren Conrad leggings were purchased for… free. Gotta love Kohl's Cash! I also got two "free" vests and a top! Double boom. Old Navy has their Super Cash every so often to keep your eye out for. Love it!


SeattleSarahSpeaks said...

I love almost all of Lauren Conrad's line! She always has really cute things, and they're almost always on sale too so you can't beat it. I recently got some of her leggings because they were 10 bucks and I am so glad I did. They are so comfy and long enough for my 5'10 self!

Courtney Dyson said...

Thank you for this post! I've been looking for better leggings. Like, you, I've been through countless pairs and I agree they are cheaply made and thin. I too am petite and have to get my pants tailored and it's such a pain. So again, thank you for this post.

xx Courtney

Kristina said...

I love LC leggings. They are by far the best. Up until recently in my pregnancy I was even able to wear them. I'm now a whale and fitting into only maternity leggings. Thank goodness for old navy leggings too. They are awesome!

Ash said...

dude- my momma would be SO proud of your kohls shopping.. hehe its hard not to shop there when everything is practically FREE

Cece said...

I just discovered Rockstar jeans from Old Navy a few weeks ago. Love them!! I got black now I want more colors. Great price too.

Brianna said...

I LOVE old navy pants too!!! More than half my jeans are from there and people are always shocked when I tell them where I got them!! Love a good deal that is AWESOME quality too! (:

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i LOVE old navy; most of my wardrobe is old navy as is my daughters. what's best about that store is that they ALWAYS have sales and has the best customer service!

Vodka and Soda