Wednesday, December 18, 2013

25 Questions To Ask Yourself Before 2014: Part Three

Here we are. Part Three of the 25 Questions before 2014! I don't know about you, but I thought the five questions today were the toughest to answer! I had to dig even deeper to find the answers this time. If you're just joining us, hop over to this post to check out what it's all about and then feel free to link up your own answers! I am totally digging this time to just reflect :)

21. Who do I need to forgive? Thanks to Arielle Ford and her awesome book, The Soulmate Secret, I've done the work to forgive most people who were still, somehow, stuck in my heart. Unfortunately, some recent events brought back a few things for me. Forgiving people who've hurt you, apologized, and then continue to hurt you is often a hard battle to fight. It's usually in those instances that we realize we must put our foot down once and for all. And in that process, we must also forgive ourselves for letting someone bruise us yet again.

22. Where is it time to let go? I had something specific in mind but then I remembered the quote below. This past year, the mantra I've lived by is: "Show up, let go, serve others, and surrender the outcome." It's now my life motto. The phrase I live my life by. Well, the things that we hang onto are just that... things. They're ideas, thoughts, memories, projections, people, etc. And it's only once we let go, truly let go, that love can enter.
23. What old habits would I like to release? I want to erase all the conditioning and live a life in harmony with my innate self. Measure myself based only on myself, not on the timelines and social media announcements of others. I know I march by the beat of my own drum and sometimes the constant Facebook feed of engagements, bridal showers, and gender reveals makes me feel like maybe I live on a different planet? And I'm okay with that! I'm tired of being programmed to think that by age _____, I should _____. I've thrown out the timeline. I've got this one life to live (in this body, at least) and I'm doing it my way :) I'm also releasing my habit of sitting on ideas for longer than I should, as I mentioned yesterday because, again, life is precious!

24. What new habits would I like to cultivate? Decorating offices and apartments sooner than I've been known to :) Scheduling my day-to-day meetings and activities in my brand spankin' new calendar! Saying "no" more! And saying "yes" more to myself! Cleaning out and organizing everything (purses, bills, files, my phone, etc.) on a consistent basis. And overall, just following through with my own commitments to spend more time writing, brainstorming, reading, and meditating!

25. How can I be kind to myself? By honoring my true self, always. I think that's really what it all comes down to. That's what the past 24 questions have truly been about. What can we do this next year to honor ourselves in order to live the fullest year yet?

Life is a series of paths, turns, bridges, dead-ends, and detours. The compass we're given is the knowledge of our true self. Our life purpose. Our natural gifts and talents. I know in my heart that through being deeply connected and in tune with our truest, innate self, not only can we conquer all things that are thrown our way, but we can live a life of purpose, of bliss, and of unending potential for bigger and better things. Always. What a journey this is. Thank you to those of you who've participated in this process. These questions have certainly helped wrap up this year for me and help solidify my journey onward.

If you're not ready to stop the personal reflection and growth, I am taking new coaching clients for 2014! I would LOVE to work with you to help you find that compass of yours if it's lost, help you feel empowered to leave that toxic relationship or just ask for what you want out of life, or... fill in the blank :) The world is your oyster. Never forget that! Shoot me an email at and let me know what's on your mind, what areas you're wanting to make more stellar than ever before, and we'll chat!

Peace, love, and light to you all! Here's to the greatest year yet!

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