Monday, December 9, 2013

Guess I'm a Cat Lady and Other Fun Facts

I couldn't pass this opportunity up. My good friend, Ashley, nominated me for this Sunshine Award and, while I don't normally participate in awards (because hey, we're all awesome bloggers) she asked some pretty good questions.

The Rules:
1. Include the award logo in your post.
2. Link to the person who nominated you
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself.
4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award. Link the nominees to your post and notify them!
5. Remember rules are meant to be broken (Ash added this one!)

1. If you could be an animal, what would it be and why?
This is the easiest question anyone could ask me. A cheetah. Duh. In fact, I'm pretty confident that I was a cheetah in a past life. Like, I'm not even kidding. I channel my inner cheetah on a pretty regular basis. And people wonder why I'm a cat lady

2. What is one thing you really want to do but likely won't get to for whatever reasons (financial, emotional, physical)?
Speaking of cats animals, I wish I could play the role of foster/rescue mom for dogs and cats! While I know I'll be rescuing again in the future, it would be so wonderful to have the time and resources to have my own little shelter going on. Sigh.

3. Beatles or Rolling Stones?

Neither? I know, I know... but if I'm going back in time listening to music, it'll probably be Guns N Roses or Tom Petty.

4.  What is the best book you've ever read and why?
This is tough. I read 99% nonfiction self development books. One of my favorites is God Never Blinks by Regina Brett. Also, Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" was such a deep read and left me pretty mesmerized and life-changed by the end of it. Talk about gaining a new perspective on how to live! This man is a genius. I prefer this book over the one he's best-known for, by the way (The Power of Now.)

5.  If you could go back to college, what would you study?
Knowing what I know now, I'm torn. I believe education is important as well as being knowledgeable about various subjects. But I can't say all the dollar bills spent to put me through countless credit hours of business calc and chem lab semester after semester were worth it. I wish I took the time to dabble into courses that really DID interest me rather than required b/s "gen eds" as we called them. Every so often, I wish I went to an arts college to study acting :)

6.  Are you a green smoothie drinker? If not, how come you haven't jumped on the health bandwagon?
I am a green smoothie JUNKIE. I started drinking them over two years ago and thanks to the move to California where vegetables and fruit are pretty plentiful year-round, in addition to the wonderful influences of one of my closest friends (and a smarty pants regarding all things plant-based. Thanks, Ash!) I have re-adopted the straight up vegan lifestyle and can gladly say that green smoothies are my magic elixir. I have (at least one) a day. Religiously. And now my mouth is watering. Time to go drink some juice! (Today it's tomato. Mmm!)

7.  Let's get deep: do you believe in the big g-o-d?
Breaking the rules because I can and skipping the first two parts of this question that she asked :) I most definitely will say, as I'm sure it's been pretty apparent, that I do believe in a Divine Presence. My spirituality has continued becoming more and more important to me as I've grown, which makes sense, because it's my spirituality that has grown me. I believe that The Universe has a plan and has my back. And being able to surrender to the outcome of The Universe has brought me to where I am today. It is through that letting go, that trust, that I've found bliss and learned to live in the moment :) Mmm, good stuff right there.

8.  Now that that's over, what's your favorite color? season? food? music? sport?
Color: Turquoise, teal, jade. If you know me, this is extremely obvious.

Season: East Coast - Fall. West Coast - Winter (and Spring) All these years, I thought I was a Summer girl, simply because I love the beach so much. Moving to San Diego (THE beach!) made me appreciate all of the other seasons even more. Having the beach down the road year-round means I could enjoy it in the Springtime before all the out-of-towners took over after Memorial Day.

Food: See #6 :) My other favorite foods are carrots with hummus and tomato juice! Mmmm!

Music: Indie/Alternative! Some current favorites are Atlas Genius, HAIM, Two Door Cinema Club, Foster the People, AWOLNATION. I could go on and on... Fellow indie music lovers, give me some good ones in the comments below!

Sport: Dance is obviously my personal sport of choice. If we're talking favorite sport to watch... that would be baseball. I really can't believe that's my answer because years ago, I thought baseball was THE most boring sport to watch. Now that I'm a Nationals fan, baseball games are my favorite. Before that, it was NBA for a couple years and then all College Football (Go Vols!) since I was in middle school.

9.  Have you ever felt like you were legitimately crazy?
Uh, yeah. Flashback to my high school/college days. Woof. My life was an emotional rollercoaster and I had no idea how to get off of it. But you know what rocks about looking back on your "crazy" days? Seeing how far you've come. Seeing the changes you consistently make today to continue moving forward, onward, and upward. And just letting all the haters hate ;)

10.  If there could only be ONE kind of house pet for the rest of eternity, and YOU had the power to choose, which would it be: cat or dog?
Seriously? How do I decide? Since I am currently a cat mom, I have to side with the cats right now. Yep. Fully embracing the cat lady side of me right about meow.

And now I nominate YOU. Yep, go on. Answer some questions. I'll even give you some:

1. What do you fear? I don't mean spiders or mayonnaise or heights. I mean what do you really, deeply fear?
2. How do you define love?
3. What's the greatest restaurant you have ever been to? Tell me a little about it.
4. As a child, what did you tell people when they asked you, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
5. What is your greatest passion in life?
6. If you had to move to a country other than where you live now, where would you move?
7. If you could go back and re-live one day, which day would it be and would you do anything differently?
8. Something someone told you that you have always remembered.
9. Do you prefer a vacation of just relaxing or a vacation filled with activities?
10. What is your favorite holiday and why? :)


The Pink Growl said...

Guns N Roses & Tom Petty = YES!

Ash said...

just so you know... i stopped reading after the neither answer...

how are we friends again? everyone knows the answer to that is CLEARLY... BEATLES!


hehehe ok i guess i should finish reading now..