Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Step out into the World

One year ago yesterday was the day I left the East Coast for my new home in San Diego. San Diego was the greatest adventure of my life thus far. It was full of exploring.

Exploring my way through life.

I explored places and neighborhoods and foods and drinks, and through all of those things, I met people who have forever changed my life.

Quitting my job, packing up, and moving all the way across the continent to a state where I had only a few acquaintances was one of the biggest risks I have ever taken. But it was worth every second. It was worth every night I found myself in tears because of job woes or the baby black widows that took over all of my windows (yep!) It was worth every awkward first date to find out what I really desired in a partner and every hot 90 degree Summer night with no A/C. Everything that happened to me in San Diego, challenged me. Whether it was good or it was bad, it challenged me and tested me and showed me my true self.

I was checking more things off my bucket list in a matter of months than I had in most years of my life. I found the true meaning and feeling of happiness. Finally.

But I think you all know those things by now, if you've been reading for a while.

The point of this post is to reach out to those of you who are searching for that fire in your soul. You're longing for it to ignite but need something to set it all on fire. I know you're out there. Shoot, maybe you're reading this and didn't even realize until now that you're still looking for that fire within. Here's my advice to you…

Step out into the world.

What ever it is that's been tugging at your heart (for me, it was moving to San Diego) go and do it! Don't put it off. Life is too short. The time is now to LIVE. What ever it is, no matter how out there it may seem, take the first step now.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is finding and loving yourself. And it's often a lot easier said than done. So, stop caring what other people think. Do this for you. Step outside of your comfort zone. Push your own limits. Because I guarantee you, if you go full throttle and don't look back, you'll blow your own mind.


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Samantha said...

Thank you for this post! I've been wanting to make a quick weekend trip to San Diego to visit friends and my fiance, but I was trying to do the responsible thing and wait until my Christmas Break, but because of this post, I just bought my plane tickets for a quick weekend trip. Thank you for the reminder that the time to live is now.