Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2013 Gratitude

Thanksgiving is here again. I can't believe it. This will be the second Thanksgiving without my Mom. I'll be spending some time up in New Jersey and New York City and I couldn't be more excited. NYC is magical this time of year. Years ago, I went into the City an hour or so after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade had ended and the Holiday Spirit was in full swing! It. Was. Lovely. Rockefeller Center decked out for Christmas is definitely one of the most magical sights I've seen!


It's going to be unseasonably cold, however, and I'm a bit worried as my California-turned-Florida blood has really thinned out! Pray for me :)

I am full of gratitude this year. Absolutely just full! I've been so spiritually connected this year, I've gotten so in-tune with my true self, core values, and life purpose and it makes a world of difference when seeing this life for all of its beauty!

This year, I am grateful for:

+My family - As simple as that. For the family that was given to me and my beautiful fur face, Stella, that has blessed me for almost 3 years now.

+My Spirit Guide(s) - For the signs they've shown me, the pushes I've needed, and for the comfort in knowing I'm never alone. I know you hear me, Mom :)

+Health - Going vegan/plant-based again earlier this year has been such a wonderful experience. I've been opened up to a new world of nutrition and have never felt healthier!

+Life Coaching - I still can't believe this is my profession, my line of work. I'm grateful for life coaching, for the dynamic, rich, substantial difference it has personally made in my life, for the wonderful souls I've been introduced to, and for the promise it gives us that we CAN live a life of happiness as we live our TRUEST potential!

+This beautiful country - I've had the opportunity to travel back and forth by car across this gorgeous land and I consider it such a blessing to have seen so many cultures, terrains, and people! It has opened up my eyes to all that is out there, just in this country I call home. I'm grateful for the people who established this land.

+My Peeps - My chosen family. The people who love me because they choose to. The people whose lives I'm a part of and who are a part of mine despite the distance or amount of time that goes by since our last visit. The people who know me, support me, and inspire me. I love you, guys!

+My life - It may sound cliche but I am so entirely grateful for this life that I have been given. It continues to throw me curve balls all over the place but it's because of those curve balls and all the lessons I've learned that my life has grown better and better. This past year has been the greatest, most enriching year of my life. I developed so many life-changing, meaningful friendships, checked more things off my bucket list than I can even name, and I found my purpose (well, I like to think we met each other halfway!)

Wishing all of those who celebrate, a magnificently happy Thanksgiving! And for those who are missing someone at the table this year, my heart goes out to you. I deeply understand how painful the holidays can be when we don't get to share them with all those we love.


Ashley said...

So happy for all of your happiness, Chels! I'm thankful to have gotten to know you/meet you through this little blogging world! I always love catching up and reading about your inspiring life. Happy early Thanksgiving!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Ya for thanksgiving and giving thanks! hope you have a good time!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I'm so happy that you're happy about your new profession into life coaching. Good luck! Happy Thanksgiving!

Katie Did What said...

Love you, girl and thinking of you too. <3 You managed to make me smile, feel super grateful, and cry all in the same post.