Friday, November 1, 2013

Driving Cross Country: Breaking Bad Style

Arizona captured my attention as it always seems to do so effortlessly  However, the state I was most looking forward to was New Mexico! As soon as you drive from Arizona into New Mexico, you're greeted by some of the most beautiful rock formations I've ever seen. New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment and between the beautiful rock and majestic skies, I'd have to agree.

I also realized that New Mexico was probably the last place I would be able to find some authentic Mexican food as I traveled East. So, thanks to Yelp, I found a place in Gallup, NM a bit off the freeway that did not disappoint. It was a total hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the middle of a neighborhood run by the sweetest family. It was also probably the spiciest food I have ever eaten. El Metate Tamale Factory. If you're in Gallup and looking for home-cooked Mexican food, this is a must!

Then, onward to Albuquerque where I had big plans: To live the Breaking Bad life. For those who don't know, the stellar show Breaking Bad is filmed in ABQ and there are many iconic locations throughout the city where major events happen. I just couldn't drive through the city without saying hello to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman! So, I stopped by the White Residence...

Apparently skid marks from filming were still visible on the driveway until recently. I also read that the couple who lives there is super sweet and often come out to take pictures for fans! Last year, I stopped by Doghouse, the hot dog stand that Jesse frequents on Breaking Bad. It's pretty interesting to drive past so much desert land, thinking of so many of the scenes where crazy things went down on that show. I can't even tell you how many times I quoted the show and pointed out which vehicles just had to be "DEA Agents." Listen, I'm a Breaking Bad fanatic...

I think I'm the only person who loves Albuquerque as much as I do. What can I say? Cities in the middle of nowhere really intrigue me. We stopped for the night in Santa Rosa, NM where there is zero wi-fi signal. Let me rephrase, there is zero wi-fi signal from Eastern New Mexico, all the way through Texas. Also, even the people who worked at the hotel were talking about Breaking Bad filming locations. That show sure brought in some traffic!

Next week, I'll be sharing the final leg of the trip. Find out then which city I very surprisingly fell in love with! Any guesses?

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Jennifer said...

I love rocks that come out of no where.. NM sounds right up my alley but not that no-wifi zone that is a no go..