Friday, November 8, 2013

Thoughts on Waiting

I used to be this way all the time. Whether it was Friday I was waiting on, or Summer, or happiness… I was always waiting instead of enjoying what already was. As I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate more of the little things in each day. This helps me appreciate Mondays or even cold, windy days in the middle of March.

And it sure has made me realize how much happiness is truly around us. All we have to do is choose happiness.

While my "waiting" isn't nearly as severe as it used to be, I'm still guilty now of waiting until things are "perfect." My perfectionism gets the best of me during the times when I get overly-particular about one thing or another. But I've been making conscious decisions now to change that thought process when I feel it coming on.

I've also been reading a wonderful book by Arielle Ford that says to "savor the waiting." I keep that little piece of awesome wisdom not too far back in my mind and I've noticed a tremendous difference. If I'm waiting at a stoplight that's taking longer than normal, I glance up a the beautiful colors of the Fall trees here on the East Coast. If you're waiting for that perfect ______ (fill in the blank: business opportunity, relationship, number on the scale) remind yourself that you truly live a good life right now, and give it up to the Universe. And, while you wait… savor every moment. Enjoy that time by doing something else that will lift you higher. Remind yourself that when that thing does arrive, the time will have been so worth it and you will have learned so much.

And it's then that you'll realize happiness is one thing you'll never have to wait for. Just choose to be happy today, and everyday :)

Happy Friday, friends :)

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Holly said...

Going through school for counseling, I am trying to just enjoy the here and now. To live in the moment. I'm a perfectionist by nature and I HATE waiting...and I've always been waiting for things all my life. But I too am trying to savor the moments, the periods of waiting. I'm taking them as a sign that the universe wants me to slow down, even just for a minute. I'm always so go, go, go...but when I get behind THE slowest driver on the road, I try to not to get pissed, but instead say, "Ok, Universe, I get it. I'll slow down."