Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Social | Old School

Here we go! It's time to go back in the day and talk about Vintage Chelsea - the middle but mostly high school days. Join in on this hilarious fun by linking up!

Sunday Social

1. What were you like in Middle School/HS? (pictures)

In Middle School, I was a total drama girl. I loved acting so much and put the majority of my time after school [and during school in drama class] into it. In high school, I was 50/50. In public school, I continued on with acting and got involved with student government.

Guys and Dolls

Halfway through my sophomore year, I transferred to Catholic school where I ended up focusing on dance and spent all of my time on the dance/drill team!

Senior year Catholic School uniform. Man, I had a great attitude.

Dance was my life.

2.  What were your favorite past times?

Spending all of my time after school either at rehearsal for acting or practice for dance team. In private school, I had a pretty tight-knit group of guy/girl friends so we'd go see a movie and then go back to one of our houses to have some good, clean, hilarious fun. It never got old.

3. What songs were you obsessed with?

I was obsessed with O-Town in high school for a long time.

We made shirts and even WON in a contest to get amazing, upgraded tickets. That's dedication.

I loved a little bit of everything - Jimmy Eat World, Linkin Park, S Club 7, Dream, Mandy Moore, Nelly Furtado, Green Day, Hoobastank, but my high school soundtrack consists of a lot of John Mayer and Maroon 5. Usher's, "Yeah" was probably my favorite for a while.

4. What fashion statement do you look back on and cringe?

Bleach. Blonde. Hair.

Both of us are brunette now. Haha :)

And chokers. Whether they were bought at Claire's or made out of ribbon. We wore them. Why?

I was also WAY into surf companies and anything surf-related for years.

And then there were the popped collars. And the double popped collars...

Earlier in middle school/high school, it was all about Adidas jackets and shoes, flare and wide leg jeans. We were cool.

5. Who was your celebrity crush?

Who wasn't? Actually, I don't remember at all. I had my phases. Justin Timberlake, Paul Walker, probably Josh Hartnett at one point.

6. What were your favorite tv shows/movies?

TV shows:
I was pretty busy in high school and didn't watch much TV but remember every Sunday night, I HAD to watch American Dreams [with Brittany Snow]. My boyfriend knew he couldn't call me [on the house phone of course] until the show was over. 

A Walk to Remember!!!! The Fast and the Furious. The Skulls [lots of Paul Walker I guess]. Anything with Adam Sandler. But I think A Walk to Remember definitely wins.

Well, that was fun! Man, times sure have changed. It's always bittersweet to look back at those times. Everything was so different then. Sometimes I miss it but sometimes I'm grateful for the maturity and life lessons I've gained since then.


amy said...

SO CUTE!! Love your Sunday Social! I'm your newest follower ;)

Amy @ Love Bug

bailey j said...

Oh my lord..this one is so good! The claires chokers..all the shit we bought at claires ahah. And the blonde hair! I've seen so much badly bleached hair today with this link up its ungodly! ahah.

Brook said...

My friend and I are now much blonder than in high school mthe choker fashion statement was pretty bad. That's funny!

Kim Orpin said...

I'm so glad that someone else loved S Club 7! And I refused to wear anything but surfer brands for a good solid year

Jazmine G. said...

Paul Walker was my celebrity crush too. Josh Hartnett was my middle school crush! Lol. He was so sexy.

Milla said...

By the look of things, beach blond is back in fashion! ;) Fun post! :)

Jax said...

I love that dancing pic! And bleach blonde or not, you looked gorgeous! Oh and I SO had chokers... A lot of them. Eek!

Nuha said...

reading this was like a walk down memory lane. i miss all of the great 90's early 2000 music! bring it back i say!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

What a way to relive the glory...or not so glorious days! But really, chockers and popped collars. What were we thinking?

Britt said...

OMG I totally forgot about being obsessed with surfing anything! I was right there with you. Glad that isn't a style I embrace today.

sophistifunk said...

lol, i went to catholic high school too and got to rock those sexy polos
p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie

Holly said...

I barely recognized you as a blonde! Brunettes fo' life! OMG, chokers! Yep, had them. What were we thinking?! I danced too since I was four until I graduated high school. And even two years in college. Gosh I love dancing!

So fun to look back on all these things!

Shayna said...

Eeek! I love this, how fun!!! I've been thinking & looking back a lot lately! Times were pretty simple back then. If only we knew that then! HAHA!

& I wore the chokers too! What was that!? A Walk to Remember... always a good movie!

Kristen said...

this post cracked me up!! hilarious!! i'm so glad i don't have that many pics from high school, they should all be burned!!!

Kristin said...

im dying over the chokers!