Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some Summer Happies

Earlier, I wrote a post about the heavier part of life. Now, I get to talk about the lighter part of life. I think it just goes without saying that my life has been insane this past year, correct? It keeps me on my toes now. And it also pushes me. It reminds me to never settle and to never, ever give up on my dreams. It's also reminded me to be grateful... especially for the little things.

But last night when I went to bed, I went to bed happy [and before midnight, can you believe it?] The time I've been able to spend with this special person in my life has reminded me of so many of the things I love in life. To be around someone who knows you well and loves you all the same. Someone who really knew your Mom before she passed. Someone who knows your quirks inside and out and makes you crack up laughing until your stomach hurts about them. Someone who just genuinely cares about you.

Crazy concept, I know, but after the past couple years spent with someone who wasn't any of those things, it sure makes me thank my lucky stars to have this person back in my life after the time and distance apart.

I'm grateful for the most loving cat I could have asked for. A cat who never wants to leave my side and runs to see me each night as soon as she hears me open the door. I have a family that I know deep down in my heart will always, always be there. I have friends through the blogging world that I've connected with and will never be the same because of them and their true hearts. 

I am healthy. I have dreams. I am at a point in my life with limitless possibilities.

And I'm grateful for the little things too; the small, unimportant things that just make life fun. You know - like camera phones, sleeping in late, watching The Vampire Diaries whenever I want to on Netflix, getting awesome deals on statement necklaces from places like Very Jane and Bauble Bar. Oh, and chocolate. Ohhh, chocolate.

So, take a minute and reflect on the things that are making you happy right this second.
What are the big things?
What are the little, small, unimportant yet oh-so-wonderful things?
Chocolate? White chocolate? Puppy kisses when you get home from work? The way *he* looks at you? That super awesome deal you got on those wedges? Do tell! :)


Sami said...

I am grateful for Vampire Diaries too! I love that show! Also, chocolate chip cookies :) Glad you have someone special in your life that is treating you right!

Lauran {The Real Young Housewife of Southern VA} said...

So glad you are finding that happy place!!! You deserve! And thank you for always being so honest in your posts!!!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

my pets make me happy. just coming home and seeing their faces is all i need. pure happiness! xo Kelly

PS. Come & Enter a few giveaways I have going on!

Hilary said...

So glad you have found happiness!! And I'm grateful for Bauble Bar too ;)

Raquel said...

I'm so happy for you Chelsea!! Ok, we SERIOUSLY need to catch up! I still have yet to find a free weekend. It's so insane how packed my weekends are now a-days

Britt said...

It's amazing the difference a year makes! You sound happy. It is very refreshing since people can be so negative. From our few tweets it sounds like you are living your life and following you gut. I can't wait to see what's next:)