Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fashion Blogger Inspiration

We're talking fashion today. Fashion inspiration, that is. I obviously don't put myself in the "fashion blogger" category. As I mentioned yesterday, it has been quite a while since I've had an outfit post. I'd like to change that so I'll get working on it.

When asked to describe my style in a couple words, I never know what to say. Like, ever. I know I've had a style but I think little by little, I'm starting to learn what exactly it really is. I'm a rather active Pinterest pinner and I have started to realize another trend in the fashion pins I've posted [you can find my fashion board here.] Many of the outfits I adore originate from the same few fashion bloggers!

So, today I'll be sharing those bloggers and some of their outfits similar to my style with you! While I love fashion inspiration, it's important to keep in mind that I certainly don't have the same body makeup as these ladies so I can take these styles and make them my own for what works best for me :)

That's the best part, right?

Atlantic Pacific

This outfit is pretty much me to a T. I love my neutral, earthy tones and olive green military-style jackets are my favorite. I belt a lot of my outfits to add layers and texture, and the chunky, gold jewelry and over-sized bag? Yes, yes, yes.

Hate on it all you want, but I still dig the popped-collar in this look. And the turned-up cuffs. I also love layers in case you can't tell. I think the whole maxi with a jacket look might be one of my favorites for the upcoming Fall before it gets too cold. I also adore that rich purple with the pop of neon.

Honestly, I never would have paired that sweater with that skirt but somehow, I absolutely love it. Basically, anything with cheetah or leopard print automatically wins my heart so that helps. Looks like this really push me to experiment more with clothes! [Do we notice the popped collar again? Mmmhmm...]

When I'm not wearing browns and golds, I'm wearing shades of aqua and turquoise. Aside from that, this look is pretty much me throughout the Fall [and even the early Spring.] Skinny jeans, although I probably wouldn't wear that light of a wash, a fun jacket, and colored scarf. However, I'd most definitely be in boots :)

Seams for a Desire

I recently stumbled upon this blogger on Pinterest and love how fun her style is!

Are we surprised that I also love this look she's wearing above? That color and those edgy studs and zippers? Bam. Sign me up :)

I love colored denim and I love chambray. I know these two things have been around for a while now but I still think they're a fun look, especially when paired together like she did here. Can't say those black heels are my style. Maybe some nude heels or wedges :)

Again, I'm loving the layers that are going on here. [White skinnies, not so much.] I just think it's a super unique look with the vest and the belt. And who knew the colors of the vest and striped shirt would look so good together?

I think I have my NYE outfit already picked out and this is it! Aqua glitter boyfriend cardigan - perfect! I'd have to accent it with gold heels and a gold belt, though :)

See, Jessie is just friggin' adorable. Be sure to go check out her cute style and gain some new inspiration like I do!

While I start to pick up fresh, new items for my Fall wardrobe, I'll keep some of these looks in mind and I won't be afraid to try something new that I've been wanting to try - something that I like, something that's really "me." I think we too often tell ourselves, "Oh, I could never pull that off." And, yes, I look at some things Blair and Jessie wear and I just know I'd look funny walking down the street in it. However, if I see something I like that's different from what's always in my closet, I'm going to go for it!

These are just two of the several fashion bloggers whose styles inspire me.
Now, tell me who your fashion blogger inspirations are! :)


Kate said...

I never know what to say about my style either. I feel like another person would be better at describing the way I dress than I am.

I love the fashion bloggers that I've seen and admire how they put together their outfits but I haven't really seen anyone who captures the aesthetic I'm going for. Sometimes I wish I could just hire someone to come and help me figure it all out!

Miss Lindsay said...

Atlantic Pacific is also one of my favorites. She is so original... love that she mixes affordable and luxury brands. Wish I could pull all that off!

Katie said...

I love atlanta pacific too! she creates the craziest combos but make them work. Love it. Also I need Jessie's wardrobe AND body. GEEZ!

The Sweetest Thing said...

Purple maxi & denim jacket is my FAVE! I am obsessed!

Raquel said...

I looove Atlantic Pacific! All her outfits are amazingggggg.

kaity said...

I think Blair from Atlantic Pacific has FANTASTIC style, but most of her clothes are definitely out of my budget. my favorite fashion bloggers are definitely Mara of M Loves M, Kendi from Kendi Everyday, and Tieka from Selective Potential - they're all very close to my own personal style, which is probably why I enjoy their blogs so much. :)

Kristen said...

swoon. i love their style and all the looks you chose! i would love to share their closets!

Lightman said...

I love your style. It looks so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

fahad ali said...

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K_stets said...

I will take ALL of these outfits. Especially that bright purple skirt (drool) and the sparkly aqua blazer (double drool).

I hate pinterest for showing me all these amazing clothes, but I can never find knock off versions. Sad day for all.

meghan said...

I love Atlantic Pacific, but she dresses a lot better than I could ever see myself in daily life. I teach Middle School, and I think teachers and students would turn their heads sideways if I walked into the room looking like that. I just found this one yesterday: I found her after I noticed a lot of my pins looked like the same girl. It's this one.

Nicole Marie said...

i am soooo obssesed with seams for desire. especially since i'm moving to spain and want to look and dress just like her!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I think that you are bound to have some amazing memories while wearing a glitter boyfriend cardigan. It's definitely not a "I want to chill in the background" kind of outfit. Love it!

Holly said...

Followed these ladies instantly! Thanks for sharing the fashion wealth!