Monday, August 27, 2012

Dupont & Occoquan Weekend

This past weekend was a great one! I really can't tell you how much I appreciate weekends. Work has been wearing on me and while I also worked most of the weekend [but on After Sunset jewelry!] I also had the chance to have a little fun :)

Saturday started off with a Metro trip into DC for the day. I used to take the Metro into work everyday for my first job out of college [and one of the best jobs I've had yet!] There's something about traveling alone in busy cities that I just love so much. The people watching, the chance to just chill out and listen to's just nice for a change!

So, I put on my teal skinnies, grabbed my Metro SmarTrip card, and jumped on the train to meet up with RaquelI just adore her and we always have a blast when we meet up! Delicious food and shopping are always involved. You can tell we are bloggers :)

We ended up on the same train and met up in Dupont Circle. Dupont is a fun little neighborhood in DC full of cute shops and eateries. The Metro station there also has the longest escalator. Note to tourists: If you are going to stand instead of walk, move to the right!

Yep, straight up into the sky!

We started off at Cosi for some yummy lunch outside. I got the turkey & brie sandwich... yum!
We chatted, caught up, and talked about Vampire Diaries. The usual :)

Then, we had to grab fro yo because that's just what Raquel and I do when we get together, ha. The place we went to was really not worth mentioning. They had more of a sorbet than fro yo and it kind of started to melt right away. It was tasty though, so it hit the spot.

We took our fro yo and headed across the street to one of Raquel's favorite little boutiques, Lou Lou.

DC ladies - if you love jewelry [like I do!] you must head on over to this adorable shop. It is filled to the brim with the cutest designs and organized by color. Perfect, right?
I scored these bad boys:

Do the pair on the right match my blog perfectly, or what? :) So sunsetty!

Raquel and I had a blast. Be sure to go say "hi" if you haven't already!
Here we are outside of Lou Lou:

Later, I took my dad out to dinner for his birthday [which was on Wednesday!]
There's an old, little town down the road from my house called Occoquan that's right on the Potomac River and they have a delicious restaurant on the water, Madigan's.

Fun moment for me: As our waitress walked up to greet us, before she even told us her name, she said, "I love your necklace!" It happened to be one of the new designs I've been working on for After Sunset and it pretty much just made my night. She was the sweetest and who knows... maybe she'll be rocking an After Sunset piece soon ;)

Our meal there was amazing. I had to go with the coconut crusted Mahi with a pina colada sauce and my dad got the Rib-eye.

'Twas amazing. So was the crab dip that we got as an appetizer. Go big or go home, right?
I'm grateful for all the dad/daughter dates we've been able to have since I've been back on the East Coast and since my Mom passed away. We sure miss her.

It was a productive weekend but there's always more to do so it will be a busy week!

I am getting really, really excited to share my new After Sunset designs with you all!
[If you follow me on Instagram, you already got a sneak peak! @chelseasunset]

What did you do this weekend? :)


Katie said...

I love that you guys go to cosi bc we go there all the time here! loveeeee it so yummmmmyyy

Kelli Herrington said...

That food looks so delish. Glad you had a fun trip looks like a blast

Haley W. said...

I feel you on the traveling alone's so nice!!

And I LOVE those earrings...olive green is probably my favorite fall color. Just bought a scarf in that color this past weekend! ;)

Hilary said...

I always drive over Occoquan but have never 'stopped' - I wanna visit bad, it looks so cute. PS - I love that Metro pic you took!

Hilary said...

Oh, and Raquel's blog link took me to a page that definitely isn't her blog :\

katie michelle said...

awww looks like such a fun little date!! i am obsessed with brie- i be that sandwich was DELISH.

Kristen said...

love your outfit! and those earrings are so cute!

Raquel said...

I had such a great lunch date!! We need to go on another one soon! :)