Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodbye 30th Olympiad

Wow. The Olympics are over. It is truly hard to believe. It feels like I was just sitting here watching the Opening Ceremony and now... they're over for another four years. All the victories, all the losses, all the tears, all the happiness. All the countries coming together for these few, short weeks. What a beautiful thing.

I'm sad to see them go.

My favorite moments were still with the Women's Gymnastics Team which you can read about here. That team performed beautifully and I am so happy for them.

Unlike some people, I actually enjoyed the Opening Ceremony. The music was so much fun to listen to and I was intrigued by the way they interpreted Great Britain's history.

I also enjoyed the Closing Ceremony but I must point out the rather weird theme that was portrayed in London. Shall I refresh your memory?

Image via Reuters



1. Annie Lennox in what I'm guessing was a Ghost Ship and dancing zombies.
2. Fatboy Slim mixing tracks in a giant, translucent octopus.
3. And of course we all remember the whole Mary Poppins/Voldemort battle in the Opening Ceremony.

Moving on. Did anyone else catch how adorable Prince Harry was being? Especially during the whistling part of "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." Can I become part of that family now?

But let's be honest. The one thing that I really didn't want to end was the "brilliant" performance by the one and only Spice Girls.


I mean, the second I saw those five snazzy Brit cars drive in, I went ballistic! The 11-year-old child in me came out and I couldn't keep myself from half singing along/half freaking out about the freaking SPICE GIRLS performing again after all this time. Okay, okay and also freaking out about how much I still want to be Baby Spice. I will always want to be a Spice Girl. Always.

Let's all take a moment to honor the legend that was and always will be the Spice Girls.
[Do they look great after 15 years, or what?!]
Who else is going to buy Spice World now to re-live those wonderful memories? :) Obsessed much? Yes.

Yet, the Olympics were so much more than who performed and what music they played and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. They were about the talent, dedication, and hard work of so many of those living on this beautiful planet.
The Olympics were so much fun to follow along with this year. It's just so hard to believe it will be another four years from now until we'll be seeing the Summer Games again.

Watching the flames of the torch go out sure did make me sad.
This much I know... London will be missed.

What was your favorite part of the London Olympics?

Fun fact about Chelsea: I had a Union Jack [Britain's flag] hung on my bedroom wall for years.


Claire Kiefer said...

Women's gymnastic is always the most riveting, hands down. The girls this year were AMAZING and so fun to watch! So sad to think that we won't get to see the summer Olympics for four more years . . . but in just 18 months, the winter Olympics (ice skating!) will be upon us. :)

Kaileigh said...

I never wanted the Spice Girls performance to end. My husband was just sitting there like what is wrong with you cause I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time!

Ashley said...

I loved the spice girls performance too! :) they all looked really good!

Shayna said...

I didn't even realize the closing ceremonies were on last night until about half way through... I think! & then Matthew flipped over & the Spice Girls were on! I caught the final 20 seconds of their performance... made me so sad! But, Matthew thought it was hilarious how excited I got when I saw them & was literally in an immediate trance! HAHA! Took me back to being a little girl too!

Carolyn said...

YES! Love the Spice Girls! HAHA :)

Kristen said...

i love the olympics and sad to see them go. my most exciting moment is also when the girls won, i was jus tso stoked for them!

Kim Orpin said...

The women's gymnastics had me all choked up at the end of the team final. It was seriously beautiful. And who can forget watching Michael Phelps swimming for the last time?
Spice World was on instant view for Netfilx for a while. Greatest time of my life :)

Laura said...

I couldn't believe they were actually there! It was seriously the best part of the closing ceremonies! Not so baby spice any more!! :)

Kristin said...

I too am so sad its over!!

meghan said...

I was on a trip during the opening ceremony and didn't get a chance to see much, but the closing ceremonies I thought were just ok. But the spice girls were amazing!! I wish they had done more. They were the best part...

Britt said...

The one movie in my collection my husband constantly teases me about is Spice World. I love it! Seeing the girls on the Closing Ceremonies made me want to watch it all over again. Maybe tonight? haha

Mrs. Jones said...

I just got back from family vacation, and still haven't gotten to watch closing ceremonies. I can't wait to watch the Spice Girls though!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

No one will ever forget the opening and closing ceremonies, whether because they were confused by the whole thing or thought it was pure brilliance is the question, but it was certainly one memorable performance after another. One of my favorite moments would have to be watching USA vs. USA in the women's beach volleyball final. Talk about the ultimate win-win situation!