Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Fashion | Bomber/Moto Jackets

I’ve been a pretty big fan of bomber/moto/military-style jackets for quite some time now. Given my obsession with all shades of brown this past year or so, I’ve really, REALLY been into this style of jacket and have had my eye out for the perfect one.

I’m picky. I don’t wear real leather jackets, I prefer a stand collar, I don’t want the jacket to be cropped, I want it to be a shade of brown or cream, and I don’t want to shell out a lot of cash – I’m on a budget! So, I decided to start doing some online window shopping before going out to make my purchase. Here are some of the jackets that I found! Best part – they’re all under $100!















Although it’s grey, I love all the edgy detail on the jacket below. I LOVE asymmetrical zippers!





So, after checking all of these out and going to the mall to try on a few more, I found what I think is my “dream” bomber/moto jacket. I can’t wait to get a picture in it to show you guys :) I’ll be wearing it all season long – that’s for sure! I’m already daydreaming about my next jacket and I’m thinking it might have to be the jacket below in “sand” but I’m hoping it won’t look as cropped on me since I’m petite :)


I love the structure and detail in bomber/moto jackets. As these pictures show, they pair perfectly with jeans or even a mini! With a couple layers underneath and maybe a scarf and some gloves, they’ll even work for a nighttime hayride or a dinner date once it starts getting even more chilly!

I’m totally curious to know which of these would be your pick!

Also, friends - for those of you who have loved me enough to put my button on your blog, I realized this weekend that the code was wrong! If you wouldn’t mind updating the code {or adding my button would be fabulous as well!!} I’ll love you forever :) Here it is:

Life is a Sunset

Oh, yeah and remember how on Friday I said I’d be going to the National Zoo this past weekend? That didn’t happen. The weather here in DC was cold and rainy and my niece is getting over an ear infection. So, hopefully next weekend I’ll be there visiting the cheetahs and zebras! I’d be lying, though, if I said that I didn’t go see Drive again this weekend. I’m sorry I’m not sorry :)


Nicole Rene said...

I have always loved these type of jackets... they can turn any flirty shirt into something a little more sexy/bad-ass! :) haha!

Natalie said...

I love these! I just got one and H&M and have been wearing it non-stop.

the girl in the red shoes said...

I seriously love all of them! Especially the first one and the last one! Can't wait to see what you got!

ashley said...

i love leather jackets. i have one similar to number #7 in a rust color. i am really wanting a black one!!

KAH said...

Love them! I got a great one at H&M last year-very budget friendly!


Jax said...

Love these! My roomie really wants one for her bday, but I can't decide if I should get her one. Sometimes our tastes are different, but I REALLY want to get her one b/c I know she'd love a new leatherish jacket! *sigh*

90 Percent Blonde... said...

If I close my eyes and wish really hard, I wonder if #4 will appear on my coat rack...

Noelani said...

Looks like we have similar taste ;) I have a brown jacket similar to the first pics, love it!

Raquel said...

Love them all!! Such cute jackets!

Torie said...

These jackets are so cute! I've been drooling over shades of chocolate brown and tan for a few weeks now, too. Clearly I've been bitten by the fall fashion bug.

Ashlyn said...

loving these jackets. i have never been a leather jacket fan but #4,7,9 are super cute! they are def. coming back in style. can't wait to see if you ended up finding a jacket :)

Alexandria said...

I did pick! I have that Old Navy one :) The second I saw it online, I knew it had to be mine!

K_stets said...

I am in love with moto/bomber jackets too. I really want #2 or #6. :) I've been on the look out for one too. For a cheap one, try Forever 21. Or a little more expensive, Express...except get one of their coupons. :)

I think the mall is calling my name now for one of these too.

Ashley said...

I can't believe #3 is from Target!! I love the darker brown color!

natasha {schue love} said...

Just got a similar tan one at Target! LOVE it! :)

Lauren said...

Love all these jackets so much!! I prefer them in brown as well... I don't own much black in my wardrobe outside of my work attire.

Megan said...

im such a leather jacket fan (but not real leather as you mentioned!) :) i love all types! my favorite one i own was one i got at tj maxx years ago and it is a brown bomber jacket. i gained so much weight here so i havent sported it yet here, but it is my favorite and i cant wait to do so soon :)

Lauren said...

I LOVE the light and dark brown jacket in the fist picture. I need a new one. I have one now that is way to big for me. Thanks for posting them!

jhon said...

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