Monday, October 10, 2011

Some People I Want You To Meet

First, I want you all to meet my baby niece, Aubrey. I call her “baby niece” because prior to my moving back to the East Coast, I had only seen Aubrey two short times after she was born.


The first time I held her when she was only a couple days old. Such a precious little baby :)


And when I came back to DC for a visit last December when she was about 4 months old!

She turned ONE this August and we were finally reunited in September. I couldn’t get over how much she had “grown up!”




Every time I see her now she has learned something new and is making more and more “sounds” and gestures. I just LOVE her! I’m so happy to be so close to her now and to see her grow throughout the years. She is going to be a little firecracker and will most definitely be taller than me before I know it! :)

There’s one more person I want you to meet :)

A couple weekends ago, I went down to Williamsburg to visit my best friend Jessica {if you haven’t met her yet, go here} and to celebrate her son’s first birthday! Because I lived on the other side of the country for a year and a half, I had never met her baby before! :( Talk about the worst timing ever – days before I was moving to Utah, I found out I had a baby niece and “nephew” on the way.

Anyway, her son’s birthday party was so much fun and the cupcakes were a riot :)






He had a smash “cupcake” and instead of smashing his hand into it, he loved smashing his face into it :)

So, while I’m certainly no Mommy Blogger, I’ll occasionally be an Auntie Blogger! This little girl and guy are just too stinkin’ cute to not take pictures of them whenever I see them. Speaking of which, the Zoo this weekend was an absolute HIT with Aubrey! She LOVED it so be looking for fun pictures on here soon!

This past week/weekend I saw two movies – Crazy, Stupid, Love finally and Blue Valentine. I’ll let you figure out the common denominator there.  I appreciated the comedy in CSL and the realness of a decaying marriage in Blue Valentine. The story behind the making of that film is so intriguing! It was 12 years in the making!

I also spent a couple evenings hanging out with my nephew Jeremy {FYI age-wise, we’re more like cousins} – we laughed, talked about life/careers, and played some Rock Band of course. I also visited with my childhood best friend and her family {Hi, Sarah if you’re reading this!} We basically had years and years of catching up to do but it was fun to both be back in the place where we grew up :) Family and “home” mean the world to me. I’m realizing more and more just how important my roots are.

What did you enjoy doing this weekend? Did you have GORGEOUS weather like we did here in DC? :)


ashley said...

you little niece and "nephew" are SO cute. i love babies :) sounds like a great week!!

Camylla Leonardi said...

Oh My, shes adorable!! and the birthday party was the cutest thing ever!!

Happy Monday,

Emily said...

oh my goodness, they are both too cute!!! She is a chunky little thing- they are always so cute when they are like that!! His cupcakes were cute! Glad you had a great weekend!

Katie said...

they are both adorable. This is giving me baby fever haha you look so pretty too. you have good shiny hair..I'm jealous. lol The weather was beautiful here too!!

Liz Taylor said...

Absolutely adorable and that party looked so fun. PS - I want those earrings in your first pic. <3

Miss K said...

those cupcakes are adorable!! i saw blue valentine, but hated it. it's so depressing.

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

They are both beyond adorable!

natasha {schue love} said...

Such cute photos...looks like a great bday party! Oh and I want to see both those movies. Glad you liked them.

Lauren said...


I wish the weather was nicer here this weekend BUT we did really need the rain we got so I won't complain :)

Lindsay said...

Could those two be ANY cuter? OMG. And those cupcakes are adorable!!

Ashlyn said...

it def was a beautiful weekend in DC! i wish all weekends were that way! so glad that you finally got to go to the DC Zoo. Nick & I went last year & had a blast looking at all the pandas & giraffes!

& your niece & 'nephew' are adorable! i can see why you are so excited to be able to spend more time with them on a regular basis! :]

Alexandria said...

Looks like a fantastic weekend to me. Those chillubs are so adorable :)

Jax said...

The weather here was indeed quite gorgeous! And um.. pretty sure your blog is cuteness overload today! Love the little ones and the cupcakes! Amazing how they grow up so fast, right? I remember holding my friends' kids in the hospital and now they're "kids" not "babies." :)

Ashley said...

Omg how precious are these babies?! So adorable! Looks like the best weekend. They are so sweet! I love the photos. :)

Ashley said...

ps. Ryan Gosling. The BEST common denominator. :)

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Baby niece is so adorable! I love baby's birthday parties :)