Monday, October 17, 2011

My First-Ever Blate

This weekend I went on my first-ever BLATE!! {aka blog-date!} I’m so excited to be back in the DC area so whenever I “meet” fellow DC bloggers, it pretty much makes my day. However, Raquel and I have been following each other’s blogs since before I moved :) We’ve been wanting to meet up since I’ve been back in the area and finally, this weekend we did! Raquel blogs over at Dream Out Loud, so, if you haven’t yet, go pay her a visit and say hi!

We met downtown in DC and started our blate off with lunch at Five Guys! Yum :) Five Guys started in Virginia so it’s always been a favorite local spot when you’re in the mood for something greasy!




Is she the cutest thing or what? So, while we were ordering food and gabbing away we realized that, sure enough, we were wearing the SAME nail polish! Get out of town, right?


See? True story. Great minds think alike :) Or, great bloggers perhaps?

After lunch, we did some shopping at stores like F21, H&M, and Zara {another first for me}. We were far too overwhelmed with the 3-story F21 to take any pictures but I promise you, we both walked away with some cute purchases after the shopping madness! The weather was absolutely perfect so we decided to just walk around and enjoy the beautiful city!




That church was built in the 1700’s. What a beauty!

Then, we ventured over to Chinatown :)





After about ten tries at getting a picture of the two of us with the archway, this was the best one. Please pardon the hair all astray :) It was a breezy day in the District!DSC_2799-1

We knew the weather was still too perfect to end the evening there, so we chowed down on some tasty fro-yo! I tried the pumpkin flavor and it was delish!


We were pretty tired from all the walking so, we found ourselves a nice place to relax – Ford’s Theatre {where President Lincoln was shot}




We walked back to the Metro station where we said our goodbyes {but, not for long hopefully!}

I’ve seen other “blaters” say it too – blogger turned real life friends are the greatest! It’s such a cool and unique thing to get to know someone through their blog and then as soon as you meet, you just click instantly!

Raquel is such a sweet girl {with killer fashion sense, might I add!} I had so much fun on our blate and can’t wait for the next one!

Have you gone on a blate yet?


Lauren said...

Sooo much fun! Wish I had been there - shopping, greasy burgers, fro-yo. Let's face it, I'm jealous.

Shalyn said...

Yay! So fun!!! :) Aren't blates the best!?

Alisha said...

Ooooh how fun!! You two look gorgeous :) Love Raquel's boots!!

I went on my first blate back in February with Jenni from Story of my Life. Bloggers make such great real-life-friends!!


Alexandria said...

Ah this looks like a fabulous day, and we allll know how I feel about Five Guys haha :) I've been on blogger meet-ups in Boston, but never a one-on-one blate! I need to do that soon :)

Alexandria said...

ALSO! What nail color is that?! I loveee it for fall!

Kate said...

I'm going to my first blogger meet-up soon but my first blate was amazing! I'd been waiting to meet Jenna for a while so it was really exciting. We had a DC adventure too. I'm also looking forward to hanging out with you soon I hope!

Anna said...

How fun! You are both so gorgeous!!

And I love Five Guys! I was a little too happy when we finally got one in our little town. Some times I just NEED some of those delicious french fries.

Katie said...

AWWW I love it!!! Looks like you 2 had so much fun. I love Raquel's boots and I need her to tell me where she got them haha

Now come to OHIO!

Young and Fabulous said...


blates really are the best and you 2 girls are GORGEOUS!

I have yet to try those burgers and NEED to

eee this just makes me so happy!


whitney said...

SO fun!

Can't wait for our blate! what should we do??


Ashley said...

Looks like a BLAST! Next time you girls are in the city, definitely let me know :) SO cute!

Hollie Ann said...

chelsea you're soooo freaking pretty!!!!! i'd lov e to go on a blate! i'm glad you had SO so much fun!!!

Miss K said...

how fun! your hair looks great too btw. i love blates, thanks for sharing all the pics!

tara said...

So fun! I absolutely love meeting blog friends!

Ashlyn said...

YAY! glad you guys had a blast in the city! it was an absolute perfect weekend to be in the city! :] Love all your pictures! & super jealous of five guys -- that place is so yum! we will all have to do something in the city soon!


Anonymous said...

oh gosh how much fun is that?!!? and how pretty are you two?! I'm so jealous you got to meet a blog friend!! lucky girl :) and her boots are amazing, btw

Whitney said...

I love Five Guys. So yummy! We have one where I live in Kentucky.

Raquel said...

Ah i had SO much fun!! :)
We're definitely gonna have to meet up again very soon!!

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Yaaay for successful blates!! Makes my heart happy. :)

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Yay for new friends! I wish I read more UK blogs so I could go on blates!