Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Last Pins/Loves of October

Gosh, I love Pinterest. I’m so glad I’m back on board with it. It truly amazes me to see some of the things, ideas, and facts you can learn and discover on there. Why didn’t I think of that?!

I’m linking up with The Vintage Apple to show you some of my random favorites this week!

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Crown molding painted and hung up on the wall to hang your heels on. Genius!

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I mean, do I even need to say anything? I love this shower!

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1st ballet slippers. I love this idea! {Mom, we need to dig these little puppies out}

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I saw this home theatre on HGTV years ago and found it again. I mean, who doesn’t want this in their dream house? I’d be worried about the candles on the steps though!

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This has been a staple meal for me. It’s fresh, filling, and delicious! They threw some granola in too which I can’t wait to try :)

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This is absolutely amazing and true.

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I need this for next season!

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I’m totally sappy and sentimental this week with Pinterest, huh? But, seriously… how adorable is this bride with her little flower girl in the tutu? The cutest part is that she is on her tippy-toes!

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I know, I’m literally the only girl in the entire world who is not obsessed with Rachel Zoe, but I do admit, this outfit rocks. Question: Are boots like that comfortable??


Today, I’m also linking up with Jamie for What I’m Loving Wednesday!

I’m loving closets that are not my own but that maybe {just maybe} I can have someday?

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I’m loving challenging myself with weights at the gym

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I used to only care about cardio but now I focus on both. I’m fascinated with seeing the definition in my muscles as I lift!

I’m loving my faithful bloggy commenters/emailers who show me love on every post even when I’m 700+ items behind on my Google Reader :( I’m like, pretty sad about how little I’ve been able to blog lately, but, life just gets in the way sometimes…

I’m loving that {av} from {long distance loving} has put together some amazing blogger meet-ups and that I’ll be attending the #bloggerblitz right here in DC! That pretty lady has some serious talent :) DC bloggers, hop on over to her blog to find out the details!

That about sums it up for this Wednesday. Feel free to find me on Pinterest :)


Anonymous said...

i must find that bathing suit! and that shower is to die for!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

that home entertainment room is amazing!!!!!!!!

ashleigh said...

um can i have all these home post and put them in my house; kay thanks =]]]
and that gym cheat sheet is nice;
i didnt use to care about lifting and now i do...and i feel so much better

Kate said...

Oh my gosh if I have little girls they will be in tutus every day of their lives. Until they rebel and hate me. But I should have at least a few minutes, right?

JMB said...

When you find the secret to staying on top of the 500 blogs that you follow like I do then please please let me know!! I LOVED alll of the shoe storage finds! Is Pinterest not like idea porn? haha I used to be obsessed with only running and then like you I found lifting weights is AWESOME! :) Love your blog child!!

Rebecca said...

I repinned so many of these. Those closets have me swooning - especially since I'm currently operating out of an Ikea stand alone wardrobe!

Lauren said...

Oh, I'm a sentimental girl lately too... I think it's the whole holidays coming up thing. It always makes me super mushy :) And I would love to have a dream closet too... IF ONLY!

Ashley said...

that little girl in the black tu-tu is adorbs!!!
how have you been!? long time no talk!! :)

have a good day girlie! :)

Anonymous said...

I love what you're loving today! Hope you have a wonderful day! Come say hi!


Kit said...

Love all your pins

Katie said...

I'd like for adults tutu's to be in style so I can rock one. I LOVE THEM SO CUTE!!

that home theatre is amazing and I def wouldn't make it through any movie in there bc I'd just fall asleep!

Leslie said...

I have so many of the same Pins! Love all of them! Happy Wednesday!

Ashley said...

We have very similar Pinterest taste :) Loving all the ones you picked! Dying over the bride and her tu-tu-ed flower girl. So adorable.

Hope I can make it to Blogger Blitz DC! Sounds like so much fun. Happy Wednesday, girlie :)

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

I love so many things in this post! How cute are the wedding pic and the inspirational quotes?! :D

Carolyn said...

OMG. That closet. I would die for that closet! haha

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

That shower and home theatre = amazing!

whitney said...

i want everything on there.

seriously. i wish i could just have a money tree out back. it'd be awesome.

can't wait for #bloggerblitzwdc

but i think we should hang before then?

Alexandria said...

Oh, Rachel Zoe. You kill me. She's honestly beyond stunning. I love her and her sassy attitude. And I love you for blogging! You're amazing!

Joelle said...

I'm in love with that picture of the bride and flower girl too. Absolutely adorable!

And that home movie theater? Yes please!


KAH said...

That closet is to die for. Where can I get one???? Hopefully the same place I can get that home movie theater!


PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

I feel like I would drown in that shower!! Hahaha!!

jillconyers said...

Love the closet! And the home theatre too. Good luck with your workouts.

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