Monday, October 24, 2011

Fun Ideas to Try

Hi friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend and a great Monday since it’s almost over. This is the longest I’ve gone without blogging since I started. It feels weird! However, I still couldn’t skip a weekday without posting something. Tomorrow I’ll have some pictures from my college visit for Homecoming!

Today I just wanted to share a couple neat things I’ve recently read:

Lemon Water Every Morning

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I think we all know how beneficial drinking water is for our bodies, but, did you know all the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning? I had heard that it helps in weight loss but had no idea until I read this article that it can help with several other things as well.

To briefly summarize for ya:

It balances pH. Well, in case you’re wondering having a safe pH level, helps our body heal itself. There are stories of people who have fought cancer by focusing on their body’s pH level. Crazy!

It helps keep your skin clear!

Drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning helps kick-start your digestive system for the day!

It helps with weight loss, like I mentioned. How? Well, there are a couple different reasons which you can read about in the article. One reason that was mentioned is that lemons have a fiber in them that help us stay fuller longer!

It helps control “the coffee habit” – apparently this lemon water even makes some people feel more awake than coffee. The same thing was mentioned about kicking the soda habit.

Not bad, huh? Who else is with me on trying lemon water every morning? I was a huge fan of it a couple years ago and definitely think I should get back into it. Taking good care of our bodies is so important. I’ve also been wanting to try seltzer water with fruit instead of soda! Any recommendations?

Here’s another fun thing:

DIY Scented Plug-in

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This website, Holy Crickey has a ton of DIY stuff on it, including this DIY Wallflower. If you’re familiar with Bath & Body Works, you probably know about the wallflowers – yummy plug-in fragrances. You’re also probably aware that they’re not “cheap” and can definitely add up in price after a while.

Well, thanks to this website, you can save your wallflower as soon as it’s empty, buy an oil in your favorite scent {peppermint, jasmine, rose, etc.} pour the oil into the bulb to fill about 1/3 of it and then fill the rest of the bulb with water. It sounds like an amazing, more cost-effective option if you’re on a tight budget! I’m sure you could experiment and try mixing scents together too!

Has anyone tried this before? I’m curious to know if it works as well!


David and Elizabeth said...

i loooove lemon water!

Emily said...

Thanks for posting this! I'm going to have to try the lemon water thing! I love the taste of coffee but the whole caffeine high gets me feeling bad half way through the day!

Noelani said...

I am totally down for trying lemon water in the mornings! Thanks for sharing :)

Ashley said...

I saw this on Pinterest and definitely repinned :) I love lemon water and want to start drinking it in the mornings to see if it works! Let me know!

Katie said...

Wow I love the wallflower one!! I just pinned it:) hope you had a good weekend girl!

ashley said...

i loveee lemon water! the wallflower thing is making my wonder why i hadn't thought of it before. great suggestions!

Alexandria said...

I love this idea! I love lemon water to begin with, since it's so refreshing. But I've never thought of having it in the morning. Thanks for the tip lady!

Lauren said...

I'm so going to try this!!! :) thanks for sharing!!!

Holly said...

I love lemon ice water. I had no idea it had so many health benefits!

Great tips!

Jax said...

Ohmy! What a cool DIY wallflower! I love that! I want to try it!

Lindsey said...

That refil sounds genius! I def want to try it out.

And water with lemon is so good, I don't know why I don't ever make it for myself. I'm totally buying lemons the next time I go to the grocery store which better be stat because I haven't been to the grocery store for a full shopping adventure in weeks. SAD.

Ashlyn said...

thanks for the tips chels! i love drinking lemon water -- i drink it 2-3 times a day! & it is sooo good for you!

hope you had a great weekend!

whitney said...

such a good tip!

i need to kick my coffee addiction. so maybe i can replace with lemons.


Lauren said...

Okay I'm obviously in the minority because I HATE lemon water. That being said, I would probably force myself to chug some down for the benefits... I just thought people drank it because they couldn't deal with unflavored water.

Savannah said...

What great tips! The lemon water as weight loss motivator is news to me! I LOVE lemon water as restaurants, and am no definitely motivated to try it out at home. Thanks for sharing!