Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I’m Pinning and Loving

I’ve felt super productive this week thus far so I don’t know whether to feel great that it’s only Wednesday or to feel like this week has flown by. Since I’ve started to feel like I’m “all pinned out” lately {I know, I know. Call me crazy!} I decided I’d also join in on something else as well. First, I’m linking up with The Vintage Apple to show you some of my pins from the past week!

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Too soon for Christmas decor inspiration? Nah! :)

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Is this hilarious or not? Oh, DMX…

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Perfect for a Winter Wedding :)

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I think this is SUCH an adorable idea for a photo!

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I love the look of sleeves underneath sleeves.

Next, I want to link-up for the first time with Jamie for What I’m Loving Wednesday!

This week has been special for me and I’m learning to really make note of the things I love and am grateful for and I think this will be another way to spread my gratitude {whether it’s for a stylin’ blazer I’m loving or a quote I’m loving}

I’m loving the generous amount of time I have been spending and will get to spend this week with my family and friends

I’m loving the Drive soundtrack. Like, I’m in love really. It gets released next Tuesday!

I’m loving how in touch I am becoming with myself and my true dreams in life

I’m loving two-toned watches

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I’m loving Hart of Dixie

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I’m loving my time at the gym each day. It’s therapeutic.

I’m loving that my hair is finally feeling like it’s getting longer again! It’ll be halfway down my back again in no time :) Then, just remind me to never chop it off to my shoulders again!


Are you loving any of these things too?


Anonymous said...

i'm loving everything you're loving! good for you for living your best life girly. p.s. that outfit with the tan boots and bow shirt - i'm dying for it.

Katie said...

I've been slacking on the pinterest front. I've been watching Hart of Dixie too...I'm getting into it! I'm jealous of your gym time...I've been dying to go but can't bc of this stupid cold! Do you watch biggest loser?? Love that show

Lauren said...

I haven't been on Pinterest in forEVER!! I probably won't be until next week either. So ridiculous and yet true :)

KAH said...

I need to check out Hart of Dixie-I've heard it's great!


Emily said...

I am seriously loving ALL of your pins!! I will have to find you (unless maybe I already follow you Haha) I haven't checked out hart of dixie yet- I've seen bits here and there while doing hw, so I will have to sit down and watch soon!

PS I'm hosting a giveaway that will have 3 winners so you should check it out!

Sarah E. said...

Love the Ann Landers quote :)

And that cushiony swing! OMG. I NEED that!!

Dana + Ryan said...

I LOVE YOUR PINS! Holy cow on the ornament! I love craft to pin! Happy Wednesday!

Shalyn said...

Great pins! :) I love the watches and the outfit! So cute! I love Hart of Dixie but my man thinks it sucks and makes fun of me for watching it. Whatever! :)

Lindsey said...

Great pins as usual Chels! That outfit with the camel boots ... LOVE. Like, I want it all! Just need her body. And I also need that necklace. I need all new jewlery I've decided.

Sarah @ 90 Percent Blonde... said...

I've been pinned out too... it seems like I've seen everything on there or at least something similar.

I am really getting into Hart of Dixie and as cute as George is, beer breath's kiss won me over this past episode!

BeckyJo606 said...

Those are such great pins! I don't think it's too early to start pinning for Christmas!! :)

Lia Joy @ life is aMAYESing said...

I LOVE Hart of Dixie too!!! :) And that Christmas ornament is so creative!! Will be making one of those asap. :)

Caroline said...

I am in love with those watches. Hope Santa brings me one!

Sophie @ threetimesf said...

Oooh, that sleeves under sleeves look is cute!

Shari said...

I'm loving those watches. I'll take both. ;)

Krystina said...

I LOVE your style!! :) Oh my goodness- I need to go steal some of these pins from you... lol So happy I came across your blog and SO excited to keep snooping around.

Hollie Ann said...

i love the DMX stitching!!! hahaha :)

I need my hair to grow...give me some of that miracle grow! mine keeps breaking :/

Punctuation Mark said...

great post... loving your positive attitude!!!

Lori said...

I LOVE all of your pins! your outfits are amazing and i love the quotes too :) going to look for you on pinterest so i can follow!

oh, haven't seen hart of dixie yet, what station and what time is it on?

A Modern Hippie said...

Following you on GFC! I found you from Soleil Selene's link up last Tuesday!

Jax said...

I LOVE that ornament with the M on it! WOW! I want one! Like badly!

P! said...

I love that you're becoming in touch with yourself and taking time to enjoy even the little things in life. :) That's wonderful- I find that if you take a week of Pinterest and then log on again, it won't grow old as quickly. Once a week is enough to get caught up, I'd venture to say.

Anonymous said...

im excited to see rachel bilson back doing something (even though we dont get the show here) :)

it is NEVER too early for christmas!

and...the girl in the blue blazer is a norwegian blogger :) just thought id point that out :)

Ashley said...

love so many of your pins! I love that ornament!! :)

that necklace is to die!! and I loveeee those watches! A Michael Kors watch is on my wishlist for my birthday/christmas!!

Amanda Klein said...

Ohhhh the monogramed ornament - yes, please!!