Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday | Neon

I'm such a lover of love, romance, and... wedding planning! I've taken a few weeks off from Wedding Wednesday but I just had to bring it back. I know that a good portion of you are already married but, if you're like me, you love looking at wedding-related things any time, any day!

With Spring quickly approaching, you'd think we would be seeing pastels everywhere! Well, I've been seeing NEON everywhere. [Not sure what colors we'll be seeing once Summer arrives!]

So... you guessed it - today is all about neon-inspired weddings! It might be a little too far out there for some of you, but it's fun to imagine!

neon wedding

Brooklyn Bride did a neon wedding inspiration shoot and, let me tell you, I think it might be starting a new trend amongst our more daring brides! I love what they’ve done with the pieces – and check out that neon veil!

They also styled some neon wedding decor! You see all the neon pink and orange striping? Well, get this - they used artist tape for that! Genius.

Neon Wedding

If you love neon but aren’t so sure you want EVERYHING to be neoned out, I’ve put together a couple different ideas on how to incorporate the flashy color palette:

Alyssa Short Design came up with this witty idea to use fun, neon colors for the seating chart! This would be a subtle way to add a touch of neon.

Or, you could have some fancy-shmancy neon invitations designed to really “WOW” your guests before they even arrive!

neon ink.

Neon invites

Ladyfingers Letterpress and Cheree Berry designed these awesome invites! Proof that whatever you want for your wedding, chances are, someone can help you accomplish it!

Lastly, you can do like this bride and groom did by incorporating neon into their wardrobes!

neon green wedding

Although her wedding dress was, in fact, white – she switched it up for the reception and chose a softer neon green dress! Totally cute, if you ask me!

While not for all brides, I think using neon in your wedding is definitely unique and fun.

So, now tell me – would YOU use neon on your Big Day? And if so, be sure to send me an invite because I’m sure that wedding would be a blast! :)


Nicole Rene said...

Ahhh great minds think alike! I did a post similar a while back because I am just LOVING neon! It's soooo fun! Although I don't know if it would be for me but it is seriously such a bright awesome idea & I hope I get to see it in action sometime... :)

Aimee L said...

Neon isn't for me, but I have to admit it's pretty adorbs in the above pics. I especially like the neon paired with a neutral color, like grey.

Lia Joy said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! And I am LOVING that neon is everywhere :)

K_stets said...

I almost died when you pinned these pictures. I would LOVE to do a neon wedding. I really like the neon green dress for the reception idea. Cute! Let me know if you get any invites...I'll be your plus one! LOL

Dancing Branflake said...

I love it! My mother would have hated it but I think it's so fun and festive. Definitely gets the guests in the right mood.

Anonymous said...

the neon wedding idea is definitely different than your average wedding colors .. but i like that :b

Jax said...

Loving the neon! I dont think I could pull it off, but I love it in photos! My girl friend actually had her bridesmaids wear the exact same wedding dress as her... (it was short and white not long) and the bridesmaids had neon ribbon on their waists to differentiate. It was so unique!

Katie said...

Wow what color this is!!! I know I would never do it, but the details of everything are spectacular!! I love all the signs especially and invites :)

Raquel said...

I love this whole neon wedding concept! The colors are so fun and perfect for a summer wedding. I don't know if I would be able to do that though haha!

Alexandria said...

I absolutely adore this idea! I love neons, so what better day to have it than your wedding day? Brilliant!

Unpublished Life said...

This is a very unusual and unique colour scheme - not for me personally, but I love how the bride did something a bit different to reflect her personality.

I can look at wedding stuff all day long, even though I am terminally single. It's almost addictive.

Britt said...

The invitations are awesome! I wish I used those.

Anonymous said...

I totally would have NEVER thought about incorporating current trends like that into a wedding. I love neon right now though, and all of these details look great!

Sofia said...

Do you know where she bought that gorgeous neon dress or what brand it is? I absolutely ADORE it and would love to wear it from prom! :) Your help is much appreciated.