Thursday, March 22, 2012

Journey Forward {6}

Today for Journey Forward, let's talk about our happy place. Okay, so maybe not our happy place but where we go and what we do when we need to unwind/re-charge. A couple months ago, I was asked this very question and I responded with a shrug and an, "I don't know..." I didn't even know where I went to re-charge my own internal battery!! Which meant one thing - It sure hadn't been re-charged in quite a while.

So, I started to think. And think. And think some more.

Barnes & Noble.
This probably sounds weird if you know that I'm not much of a reader. At least, not a fiction reader. Hunger Games? Nope. I think I read the first page of the very first Harry Potter and just couldn't do it.

But, when I go into Barnes & Noble, not just any bookstore, I feel untouchable. I feel safe. I wander aimlessly through the store, browsing the bookshelves, paging through the books written on Europe, or how to care for your new dog, or ways to surround yourself with happiness.
I sit down at a table, maybe grab an Italian soda, and just trickle through the pages, often taking notes in my phone. Or pictures.

[I love Joel. What can I say?]

I can stay there for hours. Again, it's like the world seems to stop spinning for those moments and it's just me, the books, and my learning. It's refreshing and soothing. It's an escape.

Oftentimes I turn to music as well. It’s another escape for me. I get lost in the lyrics and the beats and find myself choreographing in my mind. It’s so easy to drift away into music. Whether I’m at the beach or I’m in the car, I’m always listening to something.

My favorite “thinking” artist would have to be A Fine Frenzy. Pretty much every song by her gets me thinking and feeling. “Elements” and “Swan Song” especially. Go listen to them. You know a song is really special when it moves you every time you listen to it, regardless of how many times you’ve heard it.

Whether I’m sitting in Barnes & Noble or listening to a special song, it’s in those moments that I become inspired. My mind can be clear and I can focus on what’s important; to become.


Next week for Journey Forward:
Who is the “spokesperson” for your word? Someone who lives your word and inspires you to do the same. It can be a celebrity, family member, blogger, etc. Tell us about them, why you look up to them, what makes them such a great example.

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Nicole Rene said...

Awww, I love Barnes & Noble. And I totally agree with you, although I do really love reading. But I could get lost in Barnes & Noble for hours and hours just looking at books & inspiration and just anything and everything. But I must say, zumba is my happy place too. Don't think I can do zumba without smiling :)

Love your Journey Forward posts. They are lovely. :)

Katherina said...

Sometimes, we really need real life advice and inspiration...They can just give us some insights that fiction novels don't have.

Unknown said...

There is always something calming about bookstores! I've got a little bit of a nerdy side and there's just something so wonderful about being around some much literature.

julia rose. said...

no clue how i found you in the blogging world, but i love reading your posts! i don't know you, but i feel such empowerment through your words when i read them. you are such a strong individual! and i completely relate on the whole barnes & noble "happy/re-charge yourself place." i think its the only place i don't feel weird sitting by myself. next time you're in there- pick up the book "purpose driven life" and skim through it. i think you could find some great words and insight in there!

Jennifer said...

I love this series. I decided to jump in on this one, so hopefully that's ok.

This was a great reminder of where we need to go to fill ourselves again. Life can drain and empty us so quickly. I love how different things recharge all of us.

Thanks for this series. Really enjoying it AND your blog!

Victoria said...

I absolutely LOVE barnes and noble and reading this post made me want to go there really bad. I really love your blog Chelsea, you are quite the inspiration to leading a happy and healthy life, and overcoming the incredible obstacles put in front of you. I have been really sad this week, and then I think about you and realize that I have so much to be happy about, if you can be at peace and happy, so can I! Anyway, thank you for being you. :)


Olga said...

Barnes and Noble is a great place. So calming! Any bookstore for me is! Also I'm happy you like Joel Osteen! I recently started listening to his sermons and he's great! Makes me feel very hopeful.

Katie Price said...

I miss Barnes & Noble so much! It really is a happy place. I hope you get to go enjoy some B&N time this weekend :)

Lauren said...

I love Barnes & Noble! Though, sometimes I feel a tad overwhelmed because I want to read EVERYTHING and am a huge bookworm... and realizing I don't have the time to can really depress/frustrate me. So, I totally have a love/hate relationship with the book store. When I don't want to be overwhelmed I focus on the cute journals and gifts section or the magazines, I feel like I can be okay there haha.

Unpublished Life said...

Hi Chelsea,

Not sure what Barnes and Noble are (we don't get them here in the UK as far as I'm aware), but book shops are a great place to think and be inspired. I do find just by being surrounded by published works and the written word makes me feel more literary and creative.

Great spot ... as for thinking music? hmmm ... probably Colbie Caillat. She is such a chilled singer and her lyrics are sweet and touching.

MzJessicaxo said...

Hey Chelsea,

Just found your link up!
I love it I joined in on the fun too!

Thank you for starting it!


Kate said...

I love that so many of my friends love Joel Osteen too. I am always seeing retweets from him on my Twitter timeline and it just makes my day.

I used to spend a lot of time at B+N and haven't made time for it recently. I used to enjoy it a lot while I was in New York though - I would sit (on the floor no less) for hours paging through design books and recipes. Such good times.

christine donee said...

as weird as it may sound.. one of the best dates I ever had was spending an evening in B&N.. oh the things you can find...

Whit said...

I LOVE B&N. I could stay there all day. It's so peaceful and the smell of books is so relaxing! :)

angelaluvnlife said...

Ok so love the bookstore I don't usually don't make enough time for reading :) but I love your little saying I love sunsets and I am originally from CT love the east coast and the smell of the salt air. Although I am married to a polynesian and I hate pineapple and coconut, and people always ask me but you are married to a polynesian, :) I didn't like it before I was married why would it change. haha anyway just reminded me Love the blog :) And so sorry for your mother that is so difficult can't even imagine.

Unknown said...

I love Barnes and Noble. Was just there last night and thinking about how I love the smell of books mixed with coffee. Something so cozy and comforting about that. I love to go with hubby and we usually spend hours, just looking. Love that.

Sara Louise said...

Back when I still lived in the U.S., I loved Barnes & Nobles! I'd pick up a frappaccino and then spend hours wondering around all the different aisles reading back covers of books. Best Saturday afternoons ever! :)