Thursday, March 29, 2012

Journey Forward {7}

I thought I knew exactly who I was going to write about for this post. Today's Journey Forward post is about the person who is our role model or, better yet, the spokesperson for our "word" of the year. 


I thought about Marilyn Monroe because she's always been an inspiration to me. She lived a tough childhood without a father and with a barely existent mother, all the while never giving up on her dream to become an actress. But, Marilyn's life was cut short. I don't think she truly ever got to become the woman she wanted to be. It's sad.

Then, I thought about Sandra Bullock, another inspiration to me. It's always motivating to see someone from your hometown area become so successful at what they do. She's one of the leading ladies of Hollywood and a favorite of many. Yet, she stayed grounded and strong and persevered. 

But, as far as the things I want to accomplish in this life go, I have chosen one person who encompasses many of the aspects I want to become [although not all of them will be during this year in particular.] Tori Spelling.

That's right. I've been a fan of hers since the days when I was young and my mom didn't let me watch Beverly Hills: 90210 [but I'd sneak a peek anyway!] I've read all of her books and just love her little series on Oxygen. I even named my cat after her first daughter, Stella. [My husband wouldn't let me name our future daughter that. Shucks.]

Tori always talks about her childhood and knew how lucky and blessed she was to live such a lavish life. But, when it came to becoming who and what she wanted to be, she still had to work hard. I look at her now and read her stories and see the spunk and the passion, the drive and the down-to-earth nature of her. She has never lost sight on her dreams despite the personal hardships she's been faced with.

She doesn't let her age hold her back from being a wonderful mother of three [and a fourth on the way!] She doesn't let the career disappointments of her past hold her back from accomplishing all her current business goals.

Tori, Dean, Liam and Stella

Tori somehow finds time to do it all and she does it well. I don't think the world gives her enough credit. She's a total family girl with a real zest for life! Do I even need to mention the obvious other things I love about her? [Her beautifully styled home and the fact that we share the same love for big, chunky jewelry?]

Tori Spelling Jewelry

So, at the end of the day, Tori is my girl. She has truly "become" a woman who has it all. Not because it was handed to her but because she worked for it and never gave up on her dreams. She heard "no" a thousand times but said "yes" a thousand and one.

It's only appropriate to end with a Tori quote:

“Everybody knows there is no such thing as normal. There is no black-and-white definition of normal. Normal is subjective. There's only a messy, inconsistent, silly, hopeful version of how we feel most at home in our lives.” 

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Next week for Journey Forward:

Several weeks ago, I asked you to create a "Journey Forward" board on Pinterest, full of anything that inspires you to move toward your "word." If you haven't yet, go do so now!

Well, this next week go find pictures that exemplify your "word." I'm not talking about quotes or a picture with your word on it. Save those for later. Whether your word is growth, love, beauty, faith, etc. find pictures that relay that message, that word to us. This might require some imagination, depending on our words. Have fun with it, keep your mind open. Pin those images, and in your post next week, share them with us. Be sure to share your link to Pinterest as well so that we can all Journey together :)


Unpublished Life said...

All linked up Chelsea! I must admit that I have been so surprised by how Tori Spelling has kept her life together despite being a child of luxury and privilege (see how those Hiltons turned out?!)

She seems to have a good, solid family life and is instilling good moral values in her children, which is so tough to do in Hollywood. Good on her...

Great role model for sure.

Stormy said...

Finally I meet someone who love Tori! I am a HUGE fan of her and am largely inspired by her dedication to family, home and hard work! I get so much crap for loving/admiring her though! Not sure why so many people are against her! I too named my pups after her children as my hubby (to be) wouldn't hear of naming our children the same as hers. Haha :)

XoXo, Stormy

Kate said...

I absolutely loved her book "Mommywood" and I think you're completely right. She definitely worked hard for everything she has and is a great example of "becoming."

I'm excited for next week's prompt!

Katie Price said...

This is the first time I've heard much about Tori, and I'm impressed! I think it's great that you immediately knew who embodied your word. It took me a little while to really think mine through.

Katie said...

I agree, Tori doesn't get much credit! I actually rarely hear about her.I'd have to say Sandra is a big inspiration to me too!

choose to be happy blog said...

THANK YOU! I LOVE tori spelling. LOVE her. love her family. and every last dot of that show. and this series of yours is wonderful. You are seriously a little ray of light.

Olga said...

I've always been indifferent about Tori Spelling until I saw her show! She's genuinely nice and I adore her family. She seems like a great person all around and it surprises me how real she is!

Haley Wishall said...

never watched 90210, it was a little before my time. but I do admire Tori for the way she has handled everything thrown at her! And I LOVE every single piece of that bold!

Lauren said...

I can totally see Tori Spelling being your featured lady - she always reminds me of you... I guess because I know how much you love her and I never really paid attention to her life until you highlighted it once upon a time.

I'm seriously having the hardest time thinking of a spokesperson and hence why I have NOT written my post today yet. Still brainstorming =\

Meg said...

Girlfriend- you are speaking my language. LOVE this journey forward idea... it's absolutely brilliant and it's the perfect link up!

Newest reader!!! :)


Ashley said...

to be honest, never thought much about tori spelling until this post but, it all makes sense. homegirls' got it together!

love this series!

Amanda C. said...

I love this series. Seeing every one's different take on the prompts is pretty awesome!

lori said...

just randomly came across your blog and had to tell you how much i love this post... i completely agree. i LOVE tori and everything she is about... she seriously does it all. and with grace and humor. great choice!