Thursday, March 8, 2012

Journey Forward {4}

[Before we get started, today I am guest posting over on my dear bloggy friend’s blog Keep Calm & Carry On. Katie asked me to write about something that is very near and dear to both of our hearts and it would mean the world to have your support over there today.]

Today for Journey Forward, we'll be making a list of goals for this year - Goals that will help us get closer to and eventually achieve our word. For me, since my word is "become," my goals revolve around what I want to become during this year. There are certainly things that I want to accomplish in order to be that woman.

Here are my goals for 2012, in no particular order:

1. I have two particular career goals that I want to accomplish. One of them is already underway and the second one is in its early stages. These career goals are quite personal to me so, until they're more developed, I'll be keeping them on the down-low :)

2. Decide where I want to live. Just over two years ago, I packed everything into my car and moved to Salt Lake City. Now, here I am, back in the DC area. While this will always be home, the longer I stay here, the more I realize it's just not for me. I know... everyone who was so glad to have me back in the area probably has steam coming out of their ears now. I've been researching new areas that would encompass many of the things I look for in a home and place to settle down. My goal now is to decide.



3. Treat myself to a MacBook. This is probably the first goal to be checked off the list. As of next weekend, I will be the proud owner of a MacBook Pro. This is something I've been wanting for years and, finally, I'm making it happen!

4. Build my savings. I love my savings accounts. I really do. However, for the past year or so they've been a bit stagnant so, this is the year to watch them grow! Budget & discipline :)

5. Continue finding the positive. Throughout the past few months, I’ve really been making a point to see the positive instead of focusing on the negative. Not only has it helped me get through the tough moments, but it’s also helped me grow as a person. I want to keep that positivity with me everywhere I go from now on.

See past the negative


6. Grow in the areas of my life where I have a lot of potential. There are a number of things that I think I could be really good at and succeed in doing if I put more time/energy/learning into them. Examples: Decorating, cooking, photography, video editing. In a sense, I’ve kind of cut myself short of really developing a talent for those things. It’s time to turn that around.

7. Stop planning. Start doing. With my background in event planning, I am certainly a planner [almost to a fault.] I get so wrapped up and consumed in the planning stages that the actually execution of something scares me. It’s time to start doing.

Those are seven of my goals thus far. As I get deeper into my journey, I might add a few more or fine-tune some of the above.
These goals mean even more to me now than when I started this link-up just over a month ago because now, I can accomplish these goals not only for myself but in honor of my Mom.
I’m excited. I’m excited to see these goals start getting checked off the list. Better yet, I’m excited to start feeling the joy when I accomplish them!


Prompt for next week:

Describe yourself.
While, we’re still in the early stages of this link-up and it would obviously be fun to learn more about each other, I want this prompt to be something you benefit from. So, take some time. Think about yourself. Really think and, in your own words, describe who you are.


Raquel said...

Love all your goals! They're really great. I love how they're challenging, but achievable too. I have a similar goal to the stop planning, start doing!

Katie Price said...

Reading your goals is inspiring Chelsea! I have no doubt that you will make these things happen this year (or as soon as you can).

p.s. So exciting that you are going to get a new Macbook Pro! You will love it, promise.

Unpublished Life said...

What a wonderful set of goals, Chelsea! And how exciting to be moving ... cannot wait to see where your journey takes you.

I'm all linked up over on my blog:)

Unknown said...

So glad I found you through Katie... and I am SO sorry about your loss. :(

CALLIE said...

Wonderful, Wonderful goals!!

And how jealous am I of the new Macbook?? Beyond...

Amy G said...

I found your blog via Katie at KCandCO! I'm your newest follower and I loved your post on Katie's blog. I couldn't imagine being in your shoes. Lots of prayers being sent your way! I also love your link up :) I'll have to participate next week!

Jennifer said...

Somehow I found your blog this morning. I read your post at Keep Calm & Carry on and found myself crying. My mom passed away 12 years ago, and I still have this ache for her. It's a loss that only daughters can know maybe. And you're right - no one could ever replace them.

Glad I came across you today. Your goals feel both realistic and inspiring. Especially the stop planning and start doing - I need to do that more. Got me thinking. (o:

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Such important goals... I love the "stop planning, start doing" one, it's so important :) Good luck with all of them - and congrats on the new macbook pro! So exciting!

Ashley said...

You inspire me. You are so strong. I cant imagine what you are going through right now, but please email me if you ever need anything. I lost my dad when I was 10 years old, so I know how it is to lose a parent. Nothing like losing your mother though. I look up to you and you are so strong. again, dont hesitate to contact me with anything! :) xo Ashley

Lauren said...

You are so inspring Chelsea! I've never met anyone like you! So strong and brave... I cried like a baby reading your post about your mom again. If you never need a friend to listen I'm just an email away!


Unknown said...

These are some great goals! Stop planning and start doing can be a hard one but I think half the battle is realizing you need to let go and take action. I tend to get caught up in planning as the point of thinking about what I'm doing next when spending time with others instead of enjoying our time together. Once I realized I was doing it, it helped me be more mindful of being present in the moment. Hopefully this helps you as well!

Keri said...

What a great list! I am struggling with #2 as well. I found an article on the best places for singles to live based on life, love, and career. I posted it on my blog this week.

I'm curious as to where you are looking. I grew up in the East Coast and have lived in several diff places with my former spouse amd am looking for a fresh start.

Good Luck! Your goals are very inspiring :)

Whit said...

Yes! Start doing! I LOVE making lists, but I have a hard time crossing things OFF that list! Less dreaming, more doing! :)