Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This One is for the Dreamers

There are people in this world who come from the stars. They see things differently. They feel things differently. They want things differently. You can see it in their eyes when they talk about their dreams, their passions, their hopes in this life. There's something about them inside that ticks differently than the rest.

They are the dreamers.

They are the doers.

They eat, sleep, and breathe their biggest dreams.

They want it badly enough that they sacrifice many of life's luxuries for the chance to make what they believe in most a reality. Even if they're the only one who believes in it. Even if it means staying up all night. Working 80 hours a week. Trying something a hundred times before it works. Building and re-building. Writing and re-writing. Trying and re-trying. Again and again and again.

They are the ones who love what they do. Every second. Every minute they lose sleep over it. Because the possibility -- the mere possibility of it actually working one day -- makes it worth it.

They never lose hope. They never give up. They never stop working toward their biggest dreams. No matter how crazy everyone else thinks they may be. No matter how many times they fail. No matter how difficult and grueling and tiresome it may be. They continue on. They never stop dreaming. They never stop.

They are the people in this world who come from the stars.

They are the dreamers.

Inspired by an awesome talk I had with a fellow dreamer this weekend :)


Chelsea said...

This truely is beautiful. That last quote, made me think. I'm so afraid of going back to school. So afraid of how hard it's going to be for me. But that made me realize, how bad do I want a job I love? How bad do I want to feel secure in living on my own? If I want it badly enough, I'll work hard for it :)

Ash said...

that quote from a league of their own is one of my all time favorites!!!!!

and great post, my friend (:

Jennifer Essex said...


Holly said...

I love this, friend! And you, duh :)

Becca Moss said...

I love this! Great post, darlin'!

Stephanie Klucewich said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I have already fallen in love! I used to live in San Diego and it was great to see that you have fallen in love with it also!!

Katie Did What said...

Just stop being perfect already, okay? LOVE this and love you!! Glad to find a fellow dreamer :)


Katie Price said...

What a great quote! I just emailed the picture to my husband.. he's definitely one of those dreamers who doesn't give up. Thanks for the encouragement today :)