Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Good, Hope, and I Love You

It's difficult to describe the way I feel when something devastating happens. I watched TV yesterday as everything unfolded in Boston. I was immediately taken back to just a few months ago as I sat in my living room, in the same spot, watching the coverage of the Newtown shootings. Remembering that feeling I get when something devastating happens.

Then there is today, April 16th. The anniversary of the Virginia Tech Massacre - a shooting that literally hits close to home. Again, I will never forget the way I felt that day as I stood on my own college campus in VA and listened to the bell as it tolled, once for each life that was taken as students all around me sobbed. And 9/11? Being that close to something so horrific and seeing it with my own eyes - that will be impossible to forget.

Yesterday, when I saw the footage of the first explosion in Boston when the 78-year-old runner fell to the ground, I lost it. I was overcome with sadness for these poor people. Seeing their fear. Seeing the humanity. The pain. The terror. Feeling entirely helpless as I watched from thousands of miles away on a television of a city that I experienced not too long ago.

But I also noticed the people who ran toward the explosion. I watched the people scattered all around, running as they pushed wheelchairs with injured people. And I knew, deep down, that among all the evil in this world - among all the sadness and terror and fear and destruction - there was still good.

I guess it's that small glimmer of good that keeps us going during the devastating times. Nothing seemed right yesterday. I couldn't smile. I couldn't think about anything other than the people whose lives have forever been changed because of those two explosions. But I am so grateful for the good. For the people who do save lives and assist the injured in horrible, scary situations like what happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon and for the hope in each day. Sometimes we have to search a little harder for it but I know it's there.

Find the good. Search for the hope. And tell your loved ones, "I love you."

Thoughts and prayers for Boston.