Thursday, April 25, 2013

Answering Tough Questions

I think it's important to ask ourselves  tough questions every so often. It helps us stay in tune with ourselves and our ever-evolving lives. As life continues on, things sometimes change inside of us. We live, we learn and it's so vital to stay in touch with what's inside of us. I saw these questions that Erin posted and said to myself, "Hey, you need to do this. Right now. Right when life has gotten crazy and exciting and scary all at the same time. Do it and reflect back on it one day." So, I'm doing it:

1. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would it be?
     I would have spent even more time with my mom. I would have taken her out to lunch more often. I would have asked her more questions; about herself growing up, about raising me, about her dreams, about the lessons she learned, about her favorite memories of us together. There's so much I don't know. So much I'll never know. And if I could go back, I would just want to be with her.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
     Here in San Diego. That's all I know. Life is unpredictable and I have no idea what challenges are in store for me next, but I do know to expect some. Other than that, I don't want to set my life along a timeline anymore. What happens, happens and I welcome the future with open, hopeful arms.

3. Do you honestly want kids?
     Yes, but the "when" has changed. You'd think the older I get, the sooner I'd want kids. I look forward to the day when I can be a mother, experience the blessings [and challenges] of motherhood, and pass along the things my own mom taught me. However, I believe my detours in life have brought me exactly where I'm meant to be right now - focused on growing as a woman, learning, and loving.

4. What has been the best moment of your life so far?
     I believe I've had a few "best moments" depending on where I was in my life. Meeting my favorite boy band was pretty cool when I was 12 ;) But the first full day living in San Diego was a real landmark moment for me. It signified the beginning of what I truly believe will be the most rewarding and meaningful years of my life.

5. What is your life theme song?
     Drops of Jupiter was and as I've gotten older, Gardenia by Mandy Moore. Gardenia is so, so raw and powerful and honest. It chokes me up every time, without fail. It's a song beautifully written about learning about life and learning who you are.

6. What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die?
     I want to treat my dad to a long vacation to some place he's always wanted to visit. He has always been there for us, encouraged us, and done everything in his power to help us achieve our dreams and it's his turn to be the special one.

7. If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be?
     Inspiring people to fully embrace life and to know that when the tough moments hit hard, find the beauty in life and never let go of your deepest dreams.

8. If you could do anything you wanted right in this very moment (no consequences, no fear, etc.) what would it be?
     Surf Pipeline and then take my family to Ted's Bakery after :)

9. What has been the most challenging moment in your life?
     Watching my mom die. Hands down.

10. Summarize yourself in one word.

Like "Gardenia" says:
"It's been good... getting to know me more."


The Pink Growl said...

Love your honestly pretty girl! And I love that sum yourself as passionate - from what I know of you that's true, but I would also suggest strong or brave! :)

Holly said...

I love this post - I instantly thought you would do this post when I saw Erin post it. It's right up your alley and I think you are good at asking these questions of yourself. I tell you this over and over, but you are an inspiration to me to live every day to the fullest and just enjoy life. I love you for your real honesty. xoxo

Chelsea said...

Love this!!! You so honest, it's nice how raw and how much you show yourself.

Becca Moss said...

Love how honest you are!

Katie Did What said...

Chelsea, dear, you never ever fail to choke me up. I love your heart so much. One of these days, we will hang out on the beach and get to have a real-life, in-person, heart to heart. I just know it.

I filled this out, too, but I'm hesitating with hitting publish. You might have just encouraged me to do so without knowing it.


Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Great post and good way to reflect on where you are in life.. I need to come to SD soon!!

Brianna said...

I love this post! I saw Erin's and thought the same thing "I need to do this".
Love Drops of Jupiter... definitely one of my FAVORITE Train songs... brings back good memories (:
#7- girl you are well on your way!! You have no idea how much you inspire people EVERY DAY just through your writing!
#8 YESSSS Oh I miss Hawaii so so much & especially Ted's!!!
#9 :( My heart hurts for you love!!!

Natalie Joseph said...

I really enjoyed this post! The raw honesty and openess of your heart! Everytime I read your posts I am reminded that I need to be more grateful for the time I have with my mother and try to remember that I should always make more time for her and my dad!Thank you for inspiring my day and pushing me to ask those questions too...

Amy said...

First of all, I love that we both picked the word "passionate" :). And second, I'm from San Diego!! Born there and lived there until I graduated high school, now I come back about once a month to visit the fam. It really is the best place in the world in my book, but I may be juust a bit biased ;)

Denise A said...

I love Gardenia! It is such a beautiful and raw song. Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm loving all your posts so far.