Thursday, April 18, 2013

It Happens Every Day

Then there are the days when you feel ten times happier. And it's just because of life. Just how life's tragedies can bring you down, life's beauty can make you realize just how wonderful this world really is.

It is no surprise here that I love sunsets and that they inspire me more than any other thing [well, other than the ocean.] On Tuesday evening, while spending time in La Jolla at a beautiful beach known as Windansea, I realized, yet again, one of those beauties of life. It's simple yet so humbling.

That time of day when everyone stops for the sunset.

I feel so blessed to live in an area of the world where we get killer sunsets. Where we can so easily access countless beaches to watch the sun melt into the ocean. Every. Single. Day. And it's as if, for those last ten minutes as the sun sinks into the horizon, everything around us stops.

People pause on the boardwalk.
People pull their cars over.
Shoot, people just stop in the middle of the street.
People sit.
People stop surfing.
People just watch.
People soak it in.

Nothing else matters for those few minutes.
It's just you and the sunset.
And knowing that every single person around you is there for the same reason?
Well, that's a powerful feeling.

[No filter. Just sayin' ;)]

Because it's nature.
It's perfect.
It's untouched.
And all we have to do is stop to watch it.

Life is a Sunset


Emily said...

So beautiful!!

Chelsea said...

Couldn't agree more with you! It's those times when I see how beautiful the world is, and sometimes are those times I feel like I'm in my own world :), but at those times, it's when I know I'm lucky to be in such a beautiful place, kind of brings me some inner peace :)

Devon said...

tears in my eyes. I love this. I've lived here my whole life and somehow I never thought about the significance or beauty of so many people taking a moment to stop and watch the sunset. When you think about how hard it is to get people to stop what they're doing (myself included), it kind of makes the sunset seem like it has magical powers.

Raquel said...

So beautiful! Sunsets and the ocean are just the best!