Monday, April 22, 2013

The Earth I Get To Walk On Each Day

What better day to say a couple words of thanks for this beautiful planet that we live on? Happy Earth Day! I've been a bit more aware of this upcoming "holiday" this year because I've been so consumed with the sea and beach. Living in San Diego and constantly reading about other surf brands' campaigns will do that to ya.

I remember Earth Day back in elementary school. It always made me think of trees. You know - saving the trees. This year, it's different for me because of my love for the sea and being able to live in a beach city.

I have spent a lot of time near the ocean lately. A lot. And not once have I forgotten to take it all in and be grateful for the natural beauty that surrounds me. I see the gorgeous palm trees as they sway in the bay breeze every week on the way to my work meeting. I get sand all over me and smile every time I see it made its way into my car. I touch the salty ocean and I'm immediately taken back to my first love. The place where life makes sense.

Driving through San Diego, I am constantly reminded of how beautiful and special Mother Nature can be. I am in constant awe of this city of mine. No city is perfect but San Diego sure is close. I fall deeper in love everyday. And I mean it.

To be able to lay on warm, soft sand in April [and back in March too!], feel the breeze brush through my hair, and stare out at the pretty Pacific waves, I am reminded of Earth. Of all the places throughout this planet that speak to people simply because of their natural beauty.

Also, I'm not sure if you've seen it yet, but Roxy featured Devon [a fellow SD girl!] on their post about Earth Day! Devon shares some awesome beach sprint exercises incorporating a beach clean-up AND some of Roxy's awesome workout gear. Check it out and then go say "hi" to Devon over at The Mermaid Chronicles :) She is awesome!

So, Earth, I think you're pretty amazing. Aside from all the crime and poverty and hurt that goes on, the gifts of nature that we have been given are "out of this world." Good thing we get to keep them, huh? As long as we are good to Mother Nature in return.

For me it's the ocean and the sand and the palm trees. What about Earth do you love the most?

As an added bonus today, head on over to Join the Gossip for a pretty sweet After Sunset giveaway! :)


Chelsea said...

What a better day to celebrate! The weather is nice where I live right now and that for me, makes it so simple to celebrate! I've got to agree with you, the ocean is where my heart lies. It just makes me so content, I can't wait til the day I live there :)

Charlene Zale said...

San Diego has such gorgeous beaches. I love it. I live in Florida & we have some nice beaches too. I don't think I can ever move to a city that's more than 20 miles from any beach. I've always lived right by the coast & I don't plan on changing it. Like ever.

xo, Charlene