Thursday, February 21, 2013

First Love

I recently sat down to watch a few surf films, one of which was a documentary of three teenage girls from Phillip Island, Australia.

It was one of those films that just spoke to me. The kind you want to watch over and over again because it leaves you with such a lasting impression. 

First Love

"First Love is about love, friendship and following your dreams. This feature length film follows the lives of three passionate young girls from Phillip Island and documents their trip to Hawaii – the first step on their journey to making a career out of surfing."
It's the story of Jess Laing, Nikki van Dijk, and India Payne. Seventeen-year-olds, each sponsored and each surfing the same breaks. And although they're each so different from the other, they share the same first love - surfing. 

While watching the footage and hearing the story of the women who put this documentary together, I was left with several important feelings. I remembered my first love. Not my first "boy" love but my first life love. You know - the first thing your heart longed for. The thing that made life complete. It made life make sense. It's the thing or place that was home for you. Without it, you weren't the same.

It took me back to that first love of mine. I was reminded yet again, as I constantly seem to be lately, that the passions and loves we have never really go away. They're a part of us always. Sometimes life "gets in the way" or we think we have to go this one specific route in life, only to be drawn back to our true love at a later time. I've often caught myself thinking about my first love and constantly talking myself out of it. In fact, I talk myself out of the things I want the most. It still surprises me that I actually made it out here to San Diego as it was one of my life's biggest dreams. But I'm not done yet...

The film pushed me. To never settle. To stop thinking I have to go that ordinary, boring, safe route in life. It reminded me that it's okay to sacrifice everything, go against the current, and paddle out twice as hard to reunite with my first love. I'm here. I'm in San Diego. Now it's time to make it happen. To make a living doing what I love.

What's your first love? Have you pursued it yet? Or are you still paddling out?


For more on First Love, visit the website here or find the film streaming on Netflix!


Kelsey said...

your post always inspire me and I look at you and what you say and you are just so brave! I wish that I had the guts to do what you did.

the girl in the red shoes said...

You are such a great writer! I seriously love this post and admire your honesty and bravery! xoxo

Kristina said...

This post is so inspiring. I find myself so comfortable in the ordinary, everyday life. Even with its imperfections its still pretty great. I do however need to chase some dreams I still have yet to find.

Jenn said...

I think it's great to find inspiration in the things around us. And, sometimes, I think we find inspiration in those things because it's something we're already feeling, and it's just being reinforced.
Good for you for following your dreams and not being afraid to try!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Wonderful post! I have to watch that on Netflix! SO what are you doing now in SD? For work?

Chelsea said...

i've just recently been drawn back to my first love, and will be pursuing it this summer/fall :) some things are just meant to be :)